Forest Review: Trosley Country Park, Kent

Forests are one of our main inspirations. A small place in the natural world  to clear the mind and rejuvenate creativity. So we thought we would share with you forests in the UK we have discovered. Of course there is a danger, tranquility shattered by hoards of screaming folks shouting “TheBigForest blog sent us” but it is a risk we will take. We know you are a very superior kind of blog follower and anyway a good forest is for sharing!

This week we explored Downs and Great Wood near Vigo village in Kent aka Trosley Country Park.  Entering through a 1970’s housing estate (albeit very nice and upmarket) isn’t a great start. And then you see the Pay and Display machine and the picnic tables and your heart sinks….but stay with us on this one. Once we have our walking books laced and after a two-minute tramp in to the forest there isn’t a  human in sight and once you head off the gravelled path along the small muddy runnels you are far away from civilisation and enveloped in calm.

We were tramping through the forest very early in the morning and you can see from the picture the sun rising through the trees. Soon we diverged from the path and stumbling across bracken and fallen branches because we thought there may be a view. But first we stopped to look at the shoots of bluebells pushing up through the dead leaves. Its January and already we have signs of spring and that is a nice thought.

After a short stumble and curse we had made the view – a crisp sunny winter landscape, misty trees and hills greying to distance like a theatre set. Below the Pilgrims Way the ancient trackway between Winchester and Canterbury curving and narrowing out of sight.  On the tramp back to the van we picked up some fallen branches for a project which we will show you soon.

As forests go Trosley is neither particularly secluded (in the winter you can see that  ‘executive’ housing estate through the trees as you walk back to the car park), nor totally peaceful, there is the faint buzz of the M20 in the distance but there is a view, it’s a large wood and you can have a nice long tramp through beautiful trees. Also it’s  easy to find – near the M20 and A227 – so lets mark it 5 out of 10 .

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