Who’s that bear? Identity parade with Sgt Carlos

Today we asked Sgt Carlos a police bear from TheBigForest to join us for the first identity parade. So here are the distinguishing factors of the smallest forest ursine, THE HEIRLOOM BEAR.

Pay attention, we are only going over this once and then there will be a test.

Over to you Sgt Carlos…………..

“Thank you my friends!  In our police photo you see an Heirloom Bear that we found hanging round the back of the bike sheds swigging orange pop and overdosed on boiled sweets. No wonder he looks a bit sheepish.”

“The Heirloom Bear is not a tall fellow but 18cm high (7 inches) from the tip of his ears to the ends of his paws. Around his girth he has a tummy of 7cm (2 ½ inches) which is on account of the boiled sweets and pop that he is drinking and eating”.

“The Heirloom Bear is a dependable friend and is handed down from Mother to Daughter, Grandfather to Grandson for that my friends is where he gets his name. Once he is in your family he never leaves but treasured he is for generations”.

“What else you will be asking do I need to know about this bear so I can identify him when I walk round TheBigForest?”

“He is having lots and lots of characters, we see Yogabear,Clownbear,Perriotbear,Geekbear,Businessbear,Motorbikerbear,Studentbear,Surferbear,Campervanbear,Cookbear,Carebear,Bookwormbear,Cyclistbear  and many, many, many more Heirloom Bear characters are coming and then going through TheBigForest on their business. They are just five in each limited edition and then once gone they are (cough!) …………..gone.”

“The Heirloom Bear is handmade from beautiful wool felt and hand stitched with much care by Benjamin the Maker in Chief at TheBigForest”. “I am suggesting that you adopt one today and make sure they don’t hang round the bike sheds”.

Yes well, thank you Sgt Carlos. And for those of you who worry about these things I should say that the bear in the photo is now totally reformed and working in a restaurant in Cornwall.

Fancy adopting or commissioning an heirloom bear, check out our etsy shop or drop Miko at TheBigForest who deals with forestry commissions a message?

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk

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