Valentine gifts from TheBigForest

Sure we sometimes hang around with the tough Artist Bears in TheBigForest but underneath our rough and ready exterior beats the heart of  true romantics so Valentines makes us come over all teary and full of love. But hey look there is Mr Magical Shopkeeper Bear laying out his goods on an old spotted handkerchief under the oak tree lets see what he has to show us .

Today I am offering the most beautiful Valentines presents in TheBigForest, and first I say what about beautiful felt hearts as a gift? Some of my hearts are filled with genuine English Norfolk lavender. The colours are as beautiful as a spring morning and there is truelove red too.

  Look, these hearts have a ribbon and a shimmering pearl button whilst my other hearts are tied with crisp black and white ribbon. My customers say Mr Magical Shopkeeper Bear your lavender hearts  scent a wardrobe with the subtile aroma of lavender for many months.

I also have heart badges which look great pinned to a jacket, bag or purse. Or you could wear your heart on your sleeve………OK it was just a little beary joke! The nicest thing about my badges is that they are  most perfect  to add to a present like jewelry or chocolates.

What else can I tempt you with as the perfect valentines gift?  I have some Pooki with hearts on their tummies these include Pooki who are  couples and make a romantic and a slightly silly gift for the person you love. You will agree I’m sure that silly and romantic is sometimes just the right combination for a Valentines gift.

But what about a special Heirloom or  Artist bear to start the heart beating of your beloved? Here is our Heirloom Carebear inspired bear, Love A-lot, who is PINK! PINK! PINK! and all the better for it.  And don’t forget any bear that is ordered for a Valentines gift will come not only with a special message of your choice but also with his own heart woolfelt badge. Ahhhh, now that is superromantic.

Thank you Mr Magical Shopkeeper Bear. The only thing we need to add is do order early, we want to make sure your gifts arrive in time for Valentines on the 14th February and see our full range of Valentines presents over at the Etsy shop.

We have a special order to make today  for a customer – a box of valentines hearts of all different sizes some filled with lavender and now we are feeling superromanic and superinspired!

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk

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