Shopping to excite Mary Portas and old fashioned chocolates in North Yorkshire

We said we would tell you more about our long weekend in Filey, North Yorkshire.

If this small coastal town were within travelling distance of London it would be over-run by half of Islington and definitely be ‘discovered’ but thankfully it’s not, although the guide books mention that in Victorian times the hotels were the haunt of royalty and European gentry! It really is the most stunning place perched on a cliff top looking across the wide expanse of Filey Bay with The Brigg (a rocky spit) on one side, Flamborough Head stretching out to sea to the right and below a sandy beach and beach huts. We don’t want to sound like the bears from North Yorkshire tourist board so if you are interested in visiting (and you should) then check out some more information here.

One of the pleasures of Filey is that it is a town of ‘specialist’ shops that would excite Mary Portas. As independent makers and sellers we are big fans of Mary and her passion for a shopping experience that moves away from ubiquitous high street chains. And if we had thirty minutes of Mary’s time in Filey we would take her to Sterchi’s an old fashioned chocolatiers which has a wide selection of chocolates made in their own kitchens. We cannot recommend them too highly and it’s not only quality and variety but the old charming wood panelled shop and excellent service. Their Easter eggs are works of art with the name custom piped in swirling florid letters on the front and the most superb rich dark or milk chocolate.  Have a look at their website here but a visit to the shop is the best way to experience Sterchi’s.

We went for a walk around Filey on Sunday in the sunshine and then returned in the evening as the beam of Flamborough Head lighthouse swept across the town and snow swirled around the lights on the promenade. Quite magical.

Now we are back home with our creative batteries fully recharged we will soon be sharing with you a completely new breed of bears we designed during our weekend at the coast.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. annperrin

    Loved this post, reminded me of Filey, (did several summer seasons with our marionettes on the Spa in Scarborough) told Flamborough Head is brill, looking for some campsites in the area…Brilliant thank you
    Think your bags are brilliant by the way ann

    • There is a wonderful campsite up above Filey Brigg. Well wonderful in that the view is unbelievable ………..but the loos arent great! Its a kind of trade off!

  2. I love Mary Portas, she is so inspiring! We need someone like her over here in the U.S. to remind people why they should shop with small and independent retailers!

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