Who’s that bear? Colonel Tom stands to attention!

Colonel Tom lives in a row of neat semi-detached caves on the edge of the forest clearing. His cave is pin sharp neat with shiny green and cream paint work and a row of geranium pots near the front door.

Inside Colonel Toms cave smells a nice kind of musty, a mix of bees wax polish and old copies of Bear Solider paper from when Colonel Tom was a cub. We like visiting Colonel Tom; there is always plenty of brown bread and jam and in the winter a big glass of sherry before tea. And we love sweet sherry.

One of the things you will have noticed in our photograph, apart from Colonel Tom’s upstanding military bearing of course, is his medal. For those who are little hazy with these things it’s a first Sussex Bear Regiment (The Old Snouts) medal awarded for unbelievable bravery during the rising of the Grumpy Rabbits back in 1957. You can unpin it from Colonel Tom and wear it yourself and he won’t mind a bit as he is generous old chap although you might have funny looks as people wonder if you one of The Old Snouts in a cunning disguise.

Colonel Tom is an Artist Bear – not that he is an Artist (he has very little truck with all that arty culture stuff) but that is the type of bear he is, it’s a sort of breed of bear that lives in TheBigForest like the smaller Heirloom Bears. Artist Bears are 14 inches high and are fine upstanding creatures, immensely loyal, good sense of humour, do the washing up when asked – you couldn’t want for more really!

We will be telling you the story behind other Artist Bears soon. Each character (and there a lots )is a limited edition of five and they come in their own comfy box with a certificate of authentication.

“Mmm, tempt you to more sweet sherry Miko and Benjamin?”

“We don’t mind if we do Colonel Tom seeing you are so kind as to offer……. “

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk

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