Happy Birthday to you!

Actually its two weeks since my birthday and I reluctantly took the cards down today. Some are going up on the notice board above the studio workspace as the images are too inspiring to throw out. Our favourite is a painting of a vintage ice cream van by Claire Fletcher that came from Made in Hastings (click on the name to find out more about Claire and others fantastic work). It’s an image that embodies the essence of ‘holiday’ and the seagull and a glimpse of a sandy beach give the promise of a day without worries or work. It has made me realise I should blog about the other inspiring images that are pinned above the workspace. Most are paintings, prints and photographs that show the sea from the countryside – our most favourite view in the whole world – and all can be looked at again and again and still there is more to see………….

Anyway we thought I should write a quick post to introduce you to Birthday Bear. Funny things birthdays, when you are a kid another year older seems so supergreat but once you are past thirty you don’t want to  hurry quite so quickly to the next birthday! But we are not going to get all gloomy about this (at TheBigForest we are glass-half-full-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life kind-of-bears) because Birthday Bear is very excited to be going to the birthday party, carrying his gift in his sticky paws and breathless at the thought of jelly and stick the tale on the donkey. He has been cheering us up sitting there looking down on the work to get new goods made for the selling events so we thought we should let him wave a friendly paw at you and all our blogging friends.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. In the spirit of fun and blogosphere cheer, I would like to show my appreciation of creative & colorful blogs that brighten my day: http://jarofsalt.com/2012/05/04/paying-it-forward-liebster-blog-award/ 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! (better late than never… ) Love the bears and other stuffed animals you make!

  3. annperrin

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you and love to the bear!

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