British characters: Capstan the old sailor

Here is another our British characters – Capstan the sea bear.

Capstan stands throughout the summer season on the promenade by the side of the West Pier. He advertises trips along the coast a weathered sign clasped firmly in his paw.

“See Brighton from the sea on the Jolly Roger”  he shouts “2/6 for adults, just a shilling for the young un’s“.

Capstan is out in all weathers, his fur is matted with the sea breeze and his snout red from too much tea (with a nip of rum to keep the summer chills in check, you understand).

Capstan looks fantastic as a decorative item on a living room shelf or the sofa, he would also look great in a nursery. Like all bears from TheBigForest he isn’t a toy but is superfine for adults and cool older kids. If you look at Capstan and think………….mmmm, that bear looks like my lunch I must put him in my mouth……..then you are, I’m afraid, too young for a bear from TheBigForest!

It goes without saying that Capstan comes with a certificate of authenticity (he is a limited edition of just 5), wonderful TheBigForest pins/badges and  is beautifully gift wrapped. He will be available at our selling events in May in London and June in Brighton and will then make his way to our Etsy shop which is currently closed whilst we have the decorators in.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. He is magnificent!! Your creations are all so wonderful!!

  2. Brilliant story and brilliant bear. I love him. I may just have to put one of your bears on my birthday list!

    • Thank you so much. We have to be careful we don’t put them on our own brithday list! Sometimes its hard to part with a bear but its made so much better when we know they are going to a good home and will be enjoyed.

  3. This is so cute. I love your ideas – they are very original.

  4. bmaewright

    Absolutely wonderful! Where could I find the specifics for your selling event in May?

    • Hello there! Thank you for your comment, we are so glad you liked Capstan. We have five pairs of free tickets for the selling event to give away and Ill be posting details tomorrow.

    • The details of the Made in Clerkenwell event are now up on the blog. Just email us (see the post for the details) if you would like a free ticket.

  5. Thank you! We very much enjoy making and selling them and, of course, telling their stories.

  6. just love these colorful and beautiful dolls!!!

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