British characters: The Morris Dancer

Seth the Morris Dancer has been sitting on Benjamin’s workspace (the Maker in Chief here at TheBigForest) for a couple of weeks. Suddenly we have inspiration and another element to his costume has been added and then another…… But here he is, ready to meet the world.  We have called him Seth, an old world name with echoes of Cold Comfort Farm (you must have read it! It’s by Stella Gibbons) and Seth Lakeman, who we love.

We were looking at some old 50’s books about England and we came across a Morris Dancer who looked wonderful, a true British character and then last year we were in our trusty camper van in Broadstairs during the folk festival and the town was awash with Morris Dancers, every kind you could imagine, nice ones, scary ones, unwashed ones, washed ones, friendly ones and slightly grumpy and full of beer ones. Fantastic!

So here is Seth the Morris Dancer with his bells, rosette, muslin sash and straw hat with miniature felt flowers and leaves. Like all bears from TheBigForest he comes with a certificate of authenticity, badges, a personalised message and is beautifully gift wrapped. A limited edition of five, Seth will be dancing his way to our selling events in Made in Clerkenwell in May, Craftganza at the Fabrica Gallery, Brighton in June and then on to the Etsy shop to be shipped anywhere in the world.

The sun is shining so have a brilliant weekend.

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TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Seth is amazing! I grew up in Dorset and we’d always go to the Wimborne Folk Festival, there were Morris dancers a-plenty there. So I can certify that the beard and moustache look particularly authentic. Really like his hat as well.

    • Thank you, thats really good to hear! The research sources were some wonderful old photographic books from the 1950’s of British characters. I think we may have been carted off by the Police if we had done quite so much staring at real morris dancers beards! However the hat comes from the live research during Broadstairs Folk Festival we mentioned above.

  2. He is great – very Cold Comfort Farm – I love that book!

    • Its a wonderful story isn’t. I seem to recall the Seth in the book kept unbuttoning another button of his shirt and there was a thing about bubbling porridge which would be beyond this particular morris dancing bear! (For folks who haven’t read the book this all sounds a good deal more exciting than it is!)

  3. Just to let you know that I have passed the “One Lovely Blog” award on to you.

  4. annperrin

    He’s brilliant, think he ought to be the mascot of Brighton’s Morris Dancers…might need a mug though! X

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