Seaside modern

I was searching through some images this afternoon when I came across pictures of Rennies Seaside Modern vintage shop in Folkestone, Kent. We love their quirky range of goods and even when they are closed we always look at the window displays which are beautifully arranged tableau. Here a book on John Piper (we saw the retrospective at the Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne last summer and it was so inspiring) sits beside vintage metal soldiers, glass Jean Arp type shapes and old badges pinned to manilla luggage labels. Yes these folk know what they are doing. The shop is in the old high street, an area of arts regeneration led by the Creative Foundation which is well worth checking out.

Explore Rennies website here and also look out for Paul Rennie’s knowledgable book on The Festival of Britain, currently pride of place on our workspace in TheBigForest hut. And seeing I’m on a roll of giving out information click here to find out more about what is happening in Folkestone and the Creative Foundation. Phew!

A short post from busy bears, but we wanted to wave a friendly paw at the end of a very rainy day.

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  1. Funny that I stumbled upon this as I follow your blog. But this shop is owned by one of my tutors at university, He is a very interesting man who knows anything and everything! Definitely not created out of clever marketing, just pure interest for the items.

  2. It may be just clever marketing (I hope not) but it’s lovely to come across shop keepers who have the talent & passion to create such window displays and make you feel like they care about you even if they aren’t open for you to go in & spend $$$.

    • Interesting comment. I’m sometimes sad when large retail chains try and copy the passion and creativity of small shop keepers. It can become ‘in authentic’ and just another marketing ploy and people aren’t fooled.
      As designer-makers we find folks often purchase because goods are personalised and limited edition. Whilst there isn’t a move away from large corporate retailers I do think, at least in the UK, there is growing understanding how special it can be to buy from small shops and designer/makers who do genuinely care about their customers.

  3. annperrin

    Well waved….lovely x

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