Down to the sea

Sometimes the only thing to do on a Spring evening is to go down to the sea. Breathe in the ozone, hear the waves lapping, see the lights from the pier dancing on the water and feel recharged. As you can see from the picture we are not exactly dashing in to the sea with our wetsuits on, or even going for a paddle but at least we stood there for 15 minutes and gazed at the evening blue.

TheBigForest studio notice board is full of images looking from the countryside to the sea. Favourites are very early Ben Blathwayt, Bernard Brett, Nicholas Hely Hutchinson, Southern Railway Posters, Edward Bawdin and Colin Moore. Nothing difficult or challenging in these works most with a definite 50’s narrative feel even when they are contemporary works. I was going to put some links in this post so we could share the images but twenty minutes of exploration later and I’ve almost given up. Bernard Brett, Brighton Pier, 1974 can’t be displayed on the Tate website due to copyright (my version is a Camden Graphics card so that may be the reason) although there is a wonderful Brett ‘The Royal Pavillion’ for sale over at Pallant House Gallery.  Alan Pages The Angels of Salthouse looks very different on the web to the crisp delicate coloured print I have,  Nicholas Hely Hutchinsons site is worth exploring for his views of the Dorset coast but early Ben Blathwayt work seems to have disappeared completely with only his recent children’s books about the red train to be found (lovely though they are).

So we are back home. Goodnight, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Sleep tight depending on when you find this post or whatever your timezone shows on the ticking clock.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Thank you. Won’t be long before its warm enough for a swim!

  2. craftsbythesea

    Love the picture

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