A Public Service Announcement

“A spokesbear from TheBigForest announced today that their twitter name had changed. Whilst no retuning is necessary for those already following News from TheBigForest, people should note that the bears twitter handle is now @TheBigForestuk. This brings the blog and twitter accounts in to line and will be helpful as they continue their plans for world domination and a bear from TheBigForest in every home.

The spokesbear added that there will be a free gift of untold value and esteem  for the lucky person who is the 300th person to ‘like’ TheBigForest over at their Facebook page.  Folks should get over to Facebook before the queues back up round the corner like the sale at Bourne and Hollingsworth or Debenham and Freebody.

The spokesbear went on (our eyes were wandering to some rather special rock buns that the tea lady had on her trolley by this point) that the Etsy shop was now back on-line and would be gradually filling up with all manner of goodies over the next two weeks! Other on-line selling shops would be opening soon and the relevant announcements would be made on The News from TheBigForest blog.

And now, the shipping forecast followed by World Wide Family Favourites….”

The image is copyright Made In Preston and the radio is the same as was in my grandparents farm (this blog may look random but its a finely woven web of visual and cultural references Ill have you know). It must have been ancient when I was a child and all I remember was that it ran so hot you could have cooked an egg on top.

Ah the wonder of retro technology!

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. annperrin

    Bourne and Hollingsworth! How old is that bear???

    • Benjamin says the spokesbear is pretty old but TheBigForest isn’t ageist in anyway…..

      Ive a book, a particular favourite, found in second hand bookshop about shopping in London circa 1955. There is huge list of department stores and I chose two that seemed the most exotic. Really sad that most have gone. Maybe we should make two bears one called Swan and the other Edgar!

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