California Bears. Brad the Surferbear

We thought you might like to see Brad the surferbear. He’s a commission so not finding his way to our stall at the moment although if you would like your own surferbear we would be happy to oblige. I mean how cool would he look with a name embroidered on the board – say Oliver’s or Lily’s surferbear. And wouldn’t he be a great gift …….he’d look so cool being looked after by grown-ups too in a really super beach house, or maybe sitting on a city sofa reminding everyone you’d rather be catching a wave……

We love him I hear you cry, tell us more about Brad.

Well, he has been hanging round TheBigForest Hut teaching us surf slang in his doggers (apparently a loose kind of surf short if you are taking notes), it’s all been about hot-dogging (complicated surfing done but an experienced surferbear) and heavies (huge waves) and wipe outs (a surferbear being knocked off his board by a big wave) and Benjamin has strict instructions that weaving this kind of language into conversation in the sedate society we keep is probably a really bad idea. Brad is lovely but a tiny bit of a (whisper it!)…….bad influence.

Brad has a huge retro surfboard and is very very chilled. You can see it in his eyes. That relaxed look that says ‘beach’ when the rest of the bears are saying ‘office’. Benjamin is slightly worried that Brad’s eyes might be saying ‘chestnut bark spliff’ but no, the dreamy look is just from mugs of tea and distant gazing at waves.

Brad suits our mood, focussed lethargy. We don’t want the summer to end, we love autumn, we love winter but at the moment we want to hang around with Brad at Woodies café down the scruffy end of the beach listening to old Beach Boys tracks and making the sun and summer last for ever and ever………and ever.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. what a cool dude 😉

    • He certainly is. We stayed in surfers camp site in our campervan a couple of years back and all the guys looked like this………… they became inspiration for a surfer bear!

      • ;-)) oh yeah I can imagine that. Really awesome. I sure will follow your blog and see what you are up to next, I am completely hooked now.
        All the best to you from Germany
        PS Have you ever considerd to make a coati? I find them so funny and cute and cheeky with their longish nose…I am in the midst of sculpting one from clay – sure would love to see one in felt in your fantastic style

  2. I love this bear! His hair and beard are amazing. Hate to say it, but he does look like he’s been on something a bit stronger than cups of tea. Maybe it’s just the high of riding the waves, man.

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