Brilliant work by Brighton designers

One of the nice things when you sell at fairs and events is meeting other makers and admiring their work. The difficulty is choosing who to blog about, its tough leaving out folks with equally wonderful work.  So here are just a small selection of the makers at The Fairytale Fair.

First up is Fiona Edwards at Wicked Faerie Productions. We have admired Fiona’s work in the Brighton open houses but we haven’t had an opportunity to chat before. We love Fiona’s look too (this is a slight understatement – we think its superbrilliant) and finally I plucked up courage and asked her if I could take a picture to grace out blog. Fiona bought a rare, limited edition He-Man Pooki too! See her work here.

Next up is Clair Letton. We have a card of one of Clair’s pictures, bought at the Brighton Artists Open House  in May, and it was good to talk as Clair had the next stall to us. Clair’s house has the most wonderful stairs which demonstrate the deft use of colour which is so evident in her beautiful paintings, which you can see here.

We loved the retro inspired crochet cushions made by Katrina at Stiff Stitches. And they can be custom-made in colours to match your living room too…….and….and….there is more which Katrina describes as ‘a wooly world of sci-fi, sea creatures and TV detectives (amongst other things)’ well worth exploring over at the Stiff Stitches website.

Digital Bungalow weren’t selling at the event but they stopped for a chat, appreciated our work and gave us their card. We explored their site this morning and we liked what we found so a recommendation to check out Digital Bungalow can find its way into this post!

And finally we must mention hello dodo. Their fabulous cards and prints we had seen over at Not On The High Street and we hadn’t realised they were based in Brighton. We love the lion in the party hat (who apparently lives at Longleat!)

We hope you enjoy exploring the work of these superb designer makers…..

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Lovely little fair with fabulous products and people. It was DIGITAL bungalow’s first visit; we’ll be going again.

    • Apparently Claire Montgomery Designs is talking about another larger fair in November for Christmas. We will post more information on the blog when we have some news.

    • They are great aren’t they. Clare told me she chose the colours and then had them mixed as tester pots at a trade decorators. Not sure I would get the colours so perfect a match.

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