Goodbye Summer – Labor Day Weekend

Well we have finally admitted to ourselves here at TheBigForest that summer is going. Slipping away day by day. The light is getting more golden and the plants around TheBigForest hut more straggly and unkept. My grandparents, who like many older folk took their holidays in September, always repeated the mantra ‘you get some beautiful days in September’ and its true. Today has been warm, sunny, a delight but the evenings are chilly and tomorrow might be cool and autumnal or warm and summery.

In my own mental calender the Autumn starts with labor day weekend, celebrated in the US on the first Monday in September. I experienced two Labor days when I was living in North America and the feeling was very different to our own August Bank Holiday although the events are so close to each other. The Bank Holiday is for me about enjoying the last of the summer whilst Labor Day felt like welcoming the Fall. I recall a beautiful trip to Vermont and a picnic on the rocks overlooking a small waterfall and another year a cabin by a lake in Quebec.  Mental images or rather fragments of image and emotions that bring back the memories of these adventures in a far more potent way than the many photos of the trips.

But there is much to look forward to. We have been superbusy with commissions, a mouse door hanger, two of the Mod Bears in heirloom bear form and a huge amount (over twenty!) projects we have been designing and making for a book we have been commissioned to write. We so desperately want to show you what we have been doing for the book but need to keep these projects under wraps. And we have been invited to sell our goods on the exceptional on-line store Not On The High Street (and more about that in another post soon) and we have Autumn and Christmas selling events planned in London and Brighton.

I’m not sure where I took the image that heads up this post, it was during one of our camper van journeys, but somehow it evoked summer – now slipping away – fast. A tinge of sadness but tempered with excitement of all the good exciting things that the Autumn and the Winter will bring for TheBigForest and, I’m sure, all our blog readers too.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Well done for all you’ve achieved with TBF. Your blogs are great fun to read . Our summer will last for another 2 months at least !! 🙂 hey but there is a down side you know …….ants…… I think I have an ant hill in my garden behind the house ….and they’ve decided to move in…

    • Thank you. We feel we are celebrating success at the moment.

      Mmmm, two more months of summer – good. Ants…..moving in to the house….not so good. Nothing is ever perfect is it!!

  2. I, for one am wringing as much Summer as I can out of the next month. 🙂
    Congratulations on being so busy!

    • Yes definitely a good idea. Summer is slipping away but not gone. And thanks for the congratulations – it feels good. Creative busy is so much better than ‘need to get the shopping and the paper work done’ busy! Although there is a bit of both at the moment..

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