A favourite track by The Beatles?

We were searching the ipod for something to play in the studio and came across Revolver by The Beatles.  Its music that has taken the journey from fresh ‘nowness’, to slightly dated, to reinvented classic and now, for one half of TheBigForest at least, creates memories of late 60’s childhood (Benjamin is the much younger and prettier half of our creative collaboration so didn’t experience this!) with the power of a proustian madeleine.  A favourite track? – Tomorrow Never Knows,  with Eleanor Rigby bounding up there as a close second.

And then moments later – as sometimes happens – we were scooting around Tumblr and came across this image which perfectly fitted the music.

We would really love to know your favourite track by The Beatles.

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  1. rynnasaryonnah

    It’s so hard to choose a favourite!

  2. Sorry to go on about it but have alook at youtube it’s Paul McCartney -Kansas City hey, hey, hey, hey, it looks like The Royal Albert Hall & there ‘s Elton John & Jools on piano & a solo guitar playing by Eric Clapton I think this best represents the sound created during the original recording on the album.

  3. Ah, that would be You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away from the Help! soundtrack. I don’t think you can put a hair between them as songwriters, but I think there’s authentic grit in the way Lennon sings certain tracks. This being one of them. Some kind soul has uploaded the relevant section of the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz7IjXu0DfQ

    • Thank you good sir…we will head over there now to take a listen!

      • Excellent, superb – Arne Jacobsen egg chair, sunken conversation pit, sixties green wall and white paint work and ‘victoriana’ bed, Eleanor Bron in white go go boots and then the song too. A small but perfect, pungent slice of the 60’s – thank you Richard for directing us to it!

  4. Wrong !! Memory not that good after all !! Kansas City is on Beatles For Sale !! I do love the Album cover too. Have most of the Albums stored in a loft somewhere in the UK !! And have 2 of their Christmas records that they released to fan members !! They are priceless…

  5. Here at the Big Blue Bully Bus we adore the Beatles – they’re usually playing on constant loop in our tent at festivals!!!! My favourite would have to be ‘Ticket to Ride’ closely followed by ‘Norwegian Wood’ but at the recent VW show at Harewood its seemed that ‘Octopus’ Garden’ went down an absolute storm with our visitors – But maybe that was more to do with Mr Other Half’s inspired use of copious amounts of camouflage netting and oversized sea creatures attached to the side of the marquee after being told that the fancy dress theme was ‘The Beach’ ……. 😉

  6. Being a huge Beatle fan it’s really hard to keep my favs to just 2 or 3 but Norwegian Wood, Yesterday, & Kansas City with Paul playing this crazy honky tonk piano bit. Great memories…I think Kansas City was on the Rubber Soul album if memory serves me right !!

    • We will have to listen to Kansas City – not a track we know at all! Oh dear! We love the cover of Rubber Soul and of Revolver too – maybe that will be a later post – your favourite Beatles LP cover although I think Sgt Pepper will probally win on that one for lots of folk?

  7. Well though it’s not the happiest of songs, the first one that springs to mind is ‘Baby’s in black’ and the next one that pops in there is ‘And you bird can sing’. Not the most obvious choices but two pieces of brilliance in a Beatle brilliant world!

  8. Oooh, that is a hard one….I really like In My Life, that is what came to mind first, at any rate. 🙂

    • I know it is hard isn’t it. Depends on ones mood too…we were watching a clip from Help the other night on YouTube – and were loving the Ticket to Ride sequence so that is another favourite..

  9. kirsty mcguinness

    my grandad, dad, me and now my kids are all massive Beatles fans. We take our pilgrimage to Liverpool once a year and have done for many years. I have too many favorite to pick but come together reminds me of being a teenager when i used to hit the Mod clubs and still makes be jiggle a bit

  10. Maggie

    It fluctuates, but firm favourites are ‘Lovely Rita’, ‘Here comes the sun’ and ‘Baby you’re a rich man’.

    • Hi Maggie – thanks for your favourites. A few years back I worked with a lovely lady called Rita who told me her boyfriend (later her husband) sang Lovely Rita to her when they were courting – so I always think of her when I hear that song. Here comes the sun is so happy isn’t it – makes you think everything is going to be good/better/brilliant!

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