TheBigForest in red sofa hell

We were  going to write a deeply intelligent post about how a friend of ours says you can always tell the season when folks designed their living room. Apparently its all about the colours and textures they have used.

Designed in June – all pastel colours and linen.

Designed in December – look out for  dark grey walls and red sofas.

Which is fine until you are sitting in a dark atmospheric space and its August and 30 degrees outside. Which is what happened to us, last summer, sitting on a huge red velvet sofa and making a mental note that when we decorate and design our living room  we are going to  think though how a space will look and feel in each season.

Or we could have slip covers for different seasons? Which is all a bit Martha Stewart for us but probably works.

If you live in the posh bit of the forest.

Which brings me to goth bear or vampire bear. Dont search for the link by the way. There isn’t one and if you had a day like ours you would appreciate that a mind on random-search is the best you are going to get.

But isn’t he fine? And with Halloween round the corner a sort of suitable chap to have hanging around. And what he doesn’t know about interior design isn’t worth knowing. Honest. And did you know there is a fantastic goth weekend in Whitby, North Yorkshire? We havent been but apparently its super doopa. And a goth bear at a goth weekend would be unbelievable, wouldn’t it!

It’s all right, ll go and lie down now…..

Have you locked up?

Turn the lights off downstairs when you come up to bed…Nite night.

Nite goth bear, sweet dreams!

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Chi chi chi… That’s so cool! Brilliant!

  2. I LOVE the idea of adjusting your interior decor to suit the seasons!!

  3. I have a dark purple living room, with a lighter purple ceiling and then trimmed in lilac…you know what they say about people who like purple….everything is purple!! lol My sofas and chairs are a sort of burgundy purple and we have light wood flooring, lilac curtains and then loads of stuff all over the walls…a giant Kurt Cobain poster, Radiohead, Ani DiFranco…then I have lots of witchy things around, etc….I love my living room any time of the year, and in the summer, when it is sweltering, it is always nice and cool!! 🙂

    • Woooo! Loving this. I had the most wonderful vintage purple velvet suit which was so exceptionally brilliant to wear I found any excuse to do so until someone pointed out I looked like a disco drug dealer from 1972 (not a look I was actually aiming for, as it happens)! But we do think purple is a vastly underrated colour.

  4. I have heavy wood furniture ad cover it with different colored… no, not slipcovers… wait for it… sheets! It is the only way to survive with dogs and cats anyway. I’ve found that flannel sheets look good and hold up well to twice-weekly washing. Cotton or polyester always look like you are getting ready to paint. The real bargain is that 1 set of double sheets covers two couches and 2 chairs! Ya, we are really classy around here 🙂

    • Sounds good to us. And the fact dogs and cats can snuggle up on the furniture without being super careful sounds even better. Hey everybody, round to Inga’s house for cofee!! 🙂

  5. ann perrin

    Not sure about that, I moved here with my mums flowery cotton curtains which have now faded but will stay up for ever.. half Alan’s stuff and half mine, real mixture and a muddle, but that’s what marionettes like x

    • Ah but maybe that is the difference between home design and home making?…or maybe not? My grandparents lived in a farm and they had the ‘real mixture and muddle’ style of decorating and it was lovely – particularly when you were a child and there were strange mixtures of cornish ware and funny blue china sitting above a stove and half finished knitting in a tin on the dining table. My parents were more Heals and colour themes and I love that too.
      The red sofa was in a very ‘designed’ space with definitely no muddle to be seen!

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