Just a perfect day

The Juggs path is an old green road between Brighton and Lewes in Sussex. Today of course Brighton is a big city and Lewes a small, and very beautiful, market town but in the past Brighthelmstone, as it was called then, was a small fishing village and the main market for trade was in the county town. You can still walk this old green road or ‘drove’ as these ancient sheep tracks are called and on a sunny day the walk out of the city up Race Hill and then across the chalky downs and in to Lewes for tea and some snooping around the craft, vintage and antique shops is a good way to spend an afternoon.

Juggs were the baskets for the  fish and this term was then transposed to the fisherfolk who carried their wares to market.

Sunday found us at The Juggs, an ancient inn in Kingston near Lewes alongside the route of the Juggs Path. It was my Mum’s birthday and The Juggs is a favourite place for lunch we can really recommend – good food, real ale, a log fire in the winter and still a proper pub – not mucked around and made in to a  pub/restaurant.

Full of an excellent roast (with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and red cabbage) we then drove the campervan up the steep hill to nearby Firle Beacon to blow the cobwebs away in the Autumn sun.

We’ve written about Firle Beacon before. A perfect place with the view of the sea on one side and the country side rolling away in to blue distance on the other.

And then we went back for tea and birthday cake.

We sometimes think that the perfect sunny days with easy conversation and lots of laughter, the slices of life that work like a storybook narrative, get lost amid all the ‘to do’ lists and worries so this is a post to capture a special day. Happy Birthday !

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  1. Be Well And Happy

    our favourite pub 🙂 love to walk from Rottingdean over the Downs to Kingston and the Juggs for lunch. Thanks for stopping by my blog and best wishes…

  2. Too bad that drink will have to wait; I used to be in Brighton a bit more frequently, because a friend of mine lived there – but now she’s moved to Brazil! I’ll just have to enjoy your pictures from here, then… 🙂

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! The photos make me long for England….

    • Oh Maggie! Well we must meet up for a drink and a crafty chat when you next visit! I didnt realise quite how wonderful England can be until I lived in Quebec (which is a fantastic place too) but I missed all the beauty in close proximity.

  4. Susan Bruce

    Enjoyed your blog. Say Happy Birthday to your Mum.

  5. Lovely!! Just reading this and looking at those amazing pics makes me feel more relaxed!! XXXX

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