A moment in Guildford with Lewis Carroll

Guildford1As regular readers will know silence on the blogging front rarely means the folks from TheBigForest are twiddling their thumbs. The run up to Valentines Day was supercrazy and there are commissions too.

Here are a couple of photographs of Guildford, Surrey taken on one of our recent trips.

When my parents moved there in the 1960’s it was a beautiful, sleepy Surrey market town with a brewery in the centre, back lanes full of workshops and a woodyard by the river. When they left in the 80’s to move to Brighton it had become a London commuter town, the woodyard was a huge Debenhams store and the brewery cleared for a vast shopping mall. Yet despite the changes it is far from ruined and from the castle you can look over at Lewis Carrolls house – Im not sure if this is where he wrote about Alice and her trips to wonderland and through the looking glass or if he lived there in later life but the house has a beautiful view over the river valley to St Catherines Chapel which was consecrated in 1329.Guildford2

We are turning in to tour guides, we can feel it creeping up on us, we want to tell you about the old ferry below St Catherines and the Artington Spring too, I was told as a child had medicinal properties and was popular with medieval pilgrims……..but Ill stop, right there!  And if you are interested you can find out more about Lewis Carroll and Guildford here (X)Guildford3

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  1. What I really enjoyed while in Europe was the fact that these extremely old buildings are still used everyday. Coming from Western Canada, there’s just nothing even close her. I checked Google, the oldest building on it’s original foundation in Alberta was built in 1865.

    • Some of my family live in Canada and I lived in Montreal for a while. Once I was going round Quebec city with a friend and there was an excavation of old fortifications. Without thinking, I said ‘are they Roman?’ This has never been forgotten!! Actually they are very old for Canada around 1800 so it wasnt about the value (they were interesting) but more about being bought up with a european idea that archeological dig equals roman ruins. You got to laugh!

      • Well, nice of you to take an interest even if the Romans were probably not hanging round Quebec at the time 😉 We are getting better at preserving our heritage I think, thank goodness.

    • Yes Ive got that impression too. Its interesting what we value though. There were a few exceptionally fine modernist buildings in Ottawa from the mid 1950’s – definitely they would have a preservation order on them in the UK – and they were being pulled down which was sad as they were so beautiful. But there was time in the UK when they were considering pulling down the Georgian terraces in some cities so things change.

  2. I love this! I collect Alice memorabilia- I’ll have a look and see if he lived there later on. I think he wrote the books when he was teaching at Oxford. I’ve got my nerd hat on now 🙂

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