A moment with the Moomins

A post about Moomins has been on the ‘blog list’ for months but there is very little that can be said that hasn’t already been explored, stated, analysed or questioned about these creatures invented by Tove Jansson. We love Moomins and always have since childhood although our introduction to these creatures was through different media – the original books and for Benjamin the television animation during his 80’s childhood. But as we moved a pile of books across TheBigForest hut we looked afresh at the covers of our Moomin paperbacks from the 70’s and decided they should be shared.CometInMoominlandBlogMoominvalleyInNovemberBlogMoominPapaAtSeaBlogMoominlandMidwinterBlogExploitsOfMoominpapaBlog

The Moomins inspire our own work because at first glance the books are for kids but a closer reading of the narratives show they are really for adults exploring more complex storiesĀ  – like some of our artist bears.

The cover illustrations are by Tove Jansson and if you want to find our more about her life and work see the wonderful BBC documentary here x (I think this link will only work for our UK readers but I may be wrong!)

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TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. beautiful, thank you for sharing these covers, made me quite nostalgic.

    • They are lovely aren’t they. I must do a post about ‘classic’ kids books. I have recently been surprised that some of my favourites were over 10 years old when I read them as a child but I thought they were new. I guess kids today will feel the same with Mog books or Mrs Pepperpot.

  2. I am with you on these. I am married into a Finnish Family and our best coffee cups are all Moomin ones, collected over the years of visiting. My mother in law has a letter from Tove, written in response to a letter she sent her when little.

    • Wow, what a wonderful thing to have – a letter from Tove! In the documentary it says she answered all fan mail by hand even when she was famous and the amount received was considerable.

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