A brighter, better blog!

TheBigForestBagCharmKeyRingsBlogWe have now been blogging since January 2012 (gasps of astonishment) and regular readers will have noticed that recently there has been fewer posts about our goods and events. No the pace of making and commissions hasn’t slowed in TheBigForest it’s simply that we realised that our blog should be bigger, wider, greater than just the things we make and sell here. We enjoy writing, and you enjoyed reading about our influences, retro design and illustration, cooking, exhibitions we visit, travels, poetry, in fact all the things that inspire and inform us as maker/designers here at TheBigForest!

So if you are one of our many new followers at  TheBigForest blog we say a smiley welcome (and you can have a big beary hug too) ! We love having you along for the ride. If you are an old-timer we hope you enjoy the new super-improved content and old or new reader we love ‘likes’ and comments are brilliant too (big hint, huh!).

The image is a cluster of handmade  bag charm/key rings, do have a look at our wondrous goods over on Etsy (X) or come and see us from the 16 -19th May 2013 at Made In Clerkenwell, London (X).

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Always enjoy reading your posts and finding out about what inspires and influences you – look forward to what you’ve got up your sleeve for the future!

  2. annperrin

    That is really good move, I never stopped reading your blog but have abandoned others, after all a page or two of permanent ads is great it’s what you do, but blogs can never be ones main sales outlet, said she wisely who currently sells sod all but has plenty of experience in the past.
    At the end of the day, people warm to interesting people who have interesting things to say and lets face it might buy a few things along the way.
    Guess the big sales have to come from ‘fairs’ or other contacts that happen to come your way. Good luck. Look forward to the new ‘you’ posts – she who forgot to take pics of her new mincer, (could not find an old one) and her pate making experiments the other day, now that the robins nesting in the greenhouse have had their full share of exposure. take care love to bears, ann

    • Absolutely right. Blogs build brand awareness and loyalty – apparently. Our focus at the moment is wholesale in high quality specialist outlets, building the commissions and more teaching, and its all going good.
      The bears say ‘hi’ by the way!!

  3. Totally agree, it makes it a better read if it’s not just promotional writings, I like to read more about where influences comes from, what inspires people and general creative stuff.

    • The thing that prompted us was that we noticed we were no longer reading the blogs that were just about making, but once we open the blog to our wider interests and influences there is no knowing where we are all going to end up!

  4. I agree, it’s nice to write about things other than just what you make. I love reading about your influences and travels!

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