DoorCaseDoncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

One half of TheBigForest spent two days in Doncaster, Yorkshire last week. I only had an hour to explore so I’m sure there is much more to see.

What’s good?

  • Historic town originally a coaching stop on The Great North Road.
  • Interesting architecture. Much better for not being over ‘regenerated’ or gentrified.
  • The minster church. Rebuilt in the 1850’s after a fire destroyed the original medieval building and lots of interest to see. Smiley ladies welcome you to the church.
  • The Premier Inn, High Fishergate. A budget hotel which gets in right. This seems scarcely possible but I was impressed. Clean room, friendly staff, 30 mins free Wi-Fi, lovely breakfast with crumpets and granola if you wanted them.
  • Spotlessly clean, huge, underground travel interchange. There are so many dirty smelly bus stations this really deserves a mention although it might seem rather odd to our overseas readers.
  • Huge area of indoor and outside markets. Apparently these are open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and include food and general goods. I’ll try and time my next visit so I can review the markets!

Not so good?

  • Couldn’t find anywhere nice to eat in the evenings – although a Polish café by the Corn Exchange looked interesting. I circled  the centre of town twice and then gave up and went to the hotel. Maybe there is a restaurant district but the locals seemed a little surprised by someone wanting to eat out in central Doncaster.
  • Not a tourist destination – but then it doesn’t pretend to be so no problem there. Regular readers know we have strong Yorkshire connections so we are always a bit biased in favour of the county!

Random thoughts

It’s interesting how we often hold a contradictory opinion of our home town. My first tweet praising the brilliant architecture got a tweet in reply

“Well,@thebigforestuk says brilliant. I say dilapidated. #Doncaster

A second tweet celebrating my pleasure at going home and leaving Doncaster got a reply too

“Hey!! #doncasterisgreat”

So we are officially promoting #doncasterisgreat rather than #doncasterisdelapidated which seems on the evidence of our quick tour to be a tad harsh!NagsHeadHotel1NagsHeadHotel2DoncasterMarket2Modernist BuildingDoncasterMarket1BlueBuildingSouthYorkshireNewspaperGreatNorthRoadDoncasterMinsterChurchDoncaster1MinsterChurchDoncaster2MinsterChurchDoncaster3

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Never been but there looks like some real gems of buildings there!

  2. Hi, if you go back there:

    Netherhall Road has a few restaurants (for night time) Chinese, Italian, Sicilian, Indian (I think). Relish on East Laithe Gate has nice food, so does Liberty on the corner of Wood Street. There’s a Table Table under the Premier Inn that does surprisingly decent food too. There’s also a Chinese on Silver Street. None of them are Michelin starred 😉 but I’ve had some good food in some of them.

    • I do have to go back in a few weeks time so Ill keep this information handy. Really appreciated. I ended up at Table Table and you are right, the food is just fine. I thought the population of Doncaster must eat out from time to time but I got a reaction from the person I asked which was the same as if I’d said I wanted to go bob-sleighing!

      Maybe I need to do more posts where locals can recommend places to eat *before* I start my travels?

  3. Tracey

    I’ve drive through Doncaster many moons ago, it looked ok but maybe not a chosen holiday destination.

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