The new Made In Felt magazine

If, like us, you are a felt fans then you must see a new magazine ‘Made in Felt’ from the same folks as Mollie Makes. With over 30 detailed felt fabric and needle felt projects this is a feast, nay a banquet of felt creativity.


But it gets better because one of the features is a three page interview with TheBigForest! It’s a behind a scenes, warts and all expose of our making process and our influences and it includes some pretty neat photos of our bears (and us!). Take a sneaky peek here!

And when you though it could get no better we have another surprise – Made in Felt includes a super beary making project from TheBigForest alongside  wonderful projects by designer makers from the US and UK! How can you resist such crafting goodness? Dash off to WH Smith’s  for a copy, or you can get one your grubby little mitts on an issue on-line with free postage here (X)

As regular readers of this blog with know we are not impressed easily but Made in Felt is 900% better than we imagined, and such an inspirational magazine.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Fantastic! I’m very late but Congratulations on the article. I followed the link and read the press. Very nice photo of both of you! Did you get a lot of attention from the article. I’ll have to check our better news stands for this publication., Cheers

    • Thank you! Yes it was good for us. Unfortunately the print copies sold out very quickly and lots of folk were asking where to buy one – its still availible as a download online!

  2. I have spotted you guys in my copy. Need to sit with a cuppa and have a proper read. Looks really great.

  3. Takes me back to my childhood – loved felt dolls

  4. Thats great guys, well done! A beary making project sounds fantastic, I shall have to get a copy.
    Are you chaps Craftaganzaing this Saturday?

    • No its Benjamin’s birthday so a weekend of rest is in order! No doubt it will be brilliant though.

      Even if we weren’t featured in Made in Felt we would be recommending the magazine (or bookazine as we have found out these publications are called) as its great.

    • Thanks Richard! Clearly it’s just the begining of super stardom, our own dressing room, ursine groupies and as much cake and ice cream as we can eat!

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