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TheBigForestMyLifeAsABlogThere was a time when we lived our life and then blogged about it but we have noticed something curious has happened. We now experience events and take photos to ‘make a good blog post’. It’s not so much about doing things to make our life, and blog, more interesting but parcelling events as they happen in to bloggable stories.

Do other bloggers do this? Is it always an outcome of long term blogging? Do we need treatment or, and this is what we suspect, does blogging, as an autobiographical practice, inevitably change the way one goes about (and recalls) ones everyday life?

We would love to hear what you think….

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TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Thank you my friend, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, if you chose to accept, please review it here –

  2. Isn’t that amazing, I was asking hubby where we were going to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary because I wanted to make sure to take some good pics – he looked at me like I had two heads!

  3. My life has completely changed since starting a blog, which was originally just to collect some history information in… I’ve now been asked to try and get to events to blog about them; and I’m very guilty at other times of considering which photos might be needed to make a blog!! However, it has also enriched my life, so I can’t complain at all…

    • The balance is important isn’t it. Like you, our blog has certainly enriched our life. We started it to build brand awareness of TheBigForest as a new business, and its certainly done that, but its also really enjoyable to share things with a wider auidence and hear their comments too. For us it is one way to nurture creativity as we dont work in a shared office or studio.

      Ive also ‘ghost blogged’ for a business which was an interesting challenge.

  4. Re ‘We now experience events and take photos to ‘make a good blog post’ – yes I am guilty of this. But sometimes I rebel against it! At the weekend I had a nice visit to the Garden Museum in London planned; and I thought ‘oh! I could take my camera and do a blog on that’ – then I thought no! sometimes you just need to enjoy things as they are. I guess I don’t want to become a ‘slave’ to anything – it might go to far; you may stop enjoing things because you are too busy recording them for your blog.

    • Interesting comment. I agree its important to enjoy events and also enjoy blogging. We decided some time ago that we could do posts that would get a lot of hits but that we were much more intrested in a ‘quality’ audience and being true to our interests.

  5. flintbeach

    Yes, definitely! If I plan to go somewhere at the weekend I consider whether it’s blog-worthy. I’m conscious of fitting in things that fit with my blog themes.

  6. Personally, I’m a slave to my blog. It’s a hungry maw and I just have to keep feeding it.

  7. Ha! I just got a smart phone the other day and I have been a social networking-aholic since i got it! As you may have seen all day today whilst running my stall I was constantly taking pics and thinking ‘oooo that would be good to put on my facebook page’ I promised myself before I got it that I wouldn’t be one of ‘those people’ on their phones all the time but the phone makes it just so easy and I totally understand now! (I had a brick with no internet b4).

  8. I do this a bit, but more when I was trying to do the ‘Post A Day’ in 2011, and when I do NaBloPoMo. I think it probably is a natural consequence of long-term blogging.

  9. Hahaha – this post certainly struck a chord! Yup, never leave home without the camera…

  10. ann perrin

    I still just live my life and blog it. It was always about trying to cope with moving down here at a traumatic time in life and retirement issue too, a kind of therapy! I am keen photographer, some of the pics are used for paintings or inspiration for poems but the blog is an excuse to share a few more of them. I realise my blog is of course is vanity, why would anyone be interested in the life and time of a nobody, but then as a puppeteer’s daughter alone there has always something to say.

    • Well we have been reading your posts for over a year so you must have a more interesting life than you think you do!! 🙂 We have just come back from Amsterdam and there were some wonderful puppets in the museum and we thought of you. A blog post coming soon on them.

  11. Susan Bruce

    When I was writing the Filey Parish blog I was always looking at things with a view to a possible photograph and comment . Now , I just relax and enjoy reading your blogs !

    • Ah yes, when I go others lectures or workshops I find it particularly relaxing as I dont have to worry about what happens for once! We too love reading others blogs – particularly when they show a slice of a life that is very different from ours.

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