How to have a nice weekend

WeekendBookOur favourite time of the week is 8.30 on a Saturday morning when the weekend stretches before us like an eternity. We are not too keen on Sunday evening – even when the week will be exciting. But we are not going to dwell on it!

This weekend we:

  • Ate an almond croissant and had a great coffee at ‘Nest’ in Kensington Gardens, Brighton. It’s nice to walk in to a cafe and be welcomed as regulars.
  • Lay on the beach as it was warm. The sea turned from grey to green to blue in seconds as the sun came out. A small yacht sailed in the distance. A man took a photograph. Snatches of song drifted in the breeze. I lay there and drifted too. Benjamin prodded me and asked if I had fallen asleep.
  • Ate our favourite pizza and lasagna and people watched. There are a lot of unfortunate haircuts in Brighton. You heard it from us first.
  • Searched for trainers, and gave up…………..again.
  • Sat on a bench and gave my mum a hug. The sun was shining over the sea and it was a good thing to do.
  • Put all our TheBigForest Christmas cards that have just arrived back from the printers in little cello envelopes.
  • Received an email saying some of our work is going to be featured in a Norwegian magazine. We love being appreciated and don’t mind admitting it.
  • Watched the French film ‘Populaire’ on DVD and enjoyed it.
  • Drove through the countryside and said hello to the sheep (although they tried not to notice because sheep are cool like that).

So nothing happened but everything happened. Life is like that. We chose to have a  good time. Do things we enjoy and a little bit of ‘getting stuff done’ happened as well.

Did you have a nice weekend too?

PS: The illustration is around 1969/1970. We bought the book for the cover. We do that a lot which is why we have a house and a studio full of piles of books! We call it inspiration and others call it clutter.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Wow congratulations on the magazine feature but more importantly to the hug you gave your mum!!!

  2. lundygirl

    Definitely inspiration – clutter? what clutter?!

    • Ah its the tipping point between inspiration and clutter thought! We cant work with piles of stuff around but too sterile isnt so good either.
      We layer up the images on TheBigForest notice board and they inspire us and then suddenly it all becomes too much and we take them down and lots of clear space is refreshing too.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! The sunshine makes all the difference, doesn’t it? I did loads of washing, but it was great to pop it all on the line in the sun and bring it in warm and fresh later the same day.
    Would love to see some of the suggestions and tips in that book!

  4. What is it about Sunday evenings? The often bring the gloom out in many of us! Enjoy your posts and your creations all the way from Austin Texas 🙂

    • Thanks Trudy.
      I worked with someone and their boss would telephone on a Sunday evening and go through all the tasks for Monday! That is a way to really bring on the gloom!

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