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Travel1BlogLike many creatives we have a portfolio career and sometimes using learning from one part of our lives and applying it to our business practice reaps rewards. Today we used a time management technique and created four separate boxes on a sheet of paper and labeled them:

  • Important and urgent
  • Important and non urgent
  • Unimportant and urgent
  • Unimportant and non urgent

Then we placed each of the tasks on our huge ‘to do list’ in one of the quartiles.

It was good to remind ourselves that the unimportant and non-urgent tasks need the heave-ho straight away, they sap energy and do not achieve long-term goals. The unimportant and urgent can  be delegated or given the absolute minimum of our time.

The important and urgent need attention so  we planned an hour of prime time each day next week to get those tasks achieved. And then we left space for the important and non urgent.

Often we are so busy delivering tasks in the first three quartiles that we forget the key to achieving really important long-term goals lies elsewhere, in tasks that inhabit the important and non urgent quartile. In that space the actions to realise new ways of living, new things to see, new ideas to explore lie but because they are non-urgent they can easily be pushed to the back of the mind and other less valuable actions take over.

Time is gently slipping in to the future. Next week maybe  we should all  sort out the true priorities  on our ‘to do’ list and achieve what is  important to our long-term goals and our long-term happiness?

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  1. Thank you for this — well-timed, so true, and I needed the reminder! What do you use to do your daily and weekly time planning, paper or digital? It is funny how we learn things, have an aha! moment, and then the aha! gradually gets lost in all the everyday tasks, so we need to re-learn or be reminded. Thanks for the post! – Charlene

    • Paper for planning – mainly because there is something so theraputic about drawing a line through the stuff you have acheived. I also put the list in a plastic folder with the associated papers needed to complete the task. Which makes me sound like a nerd so Ill stop now! Thank for commenting Charlene!

  2. That is definitely something to think about…will try to prioritize my days and hopefully they involve the family more than anything!

  3. I’ve used this approach, which I learned from Stephen Covey, for years. Thanks for reminding of it!

    • It crops up in so many time management books and for good reason, it really works! You are right – there is often real value in suddenly being reminded of things you already knew but had half forgotten.

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