Missed opportunities

MissedOpportunitiesBlogWe were looking for a wall cupboard for our treasures when we saw this one in the corner of an antiques warehouse. Early Victorian it said…..too expensive we said…..about £400 too expensive so you can see how inflated the price was!  But we took a photo and its been sitting on our desktop, haunting us as it will never be the cupboard in TheBigForest hut!  We fancied something like the cupboard in a storybook – open the doors, touch the items and be transported to other places and lands. We have some beautiful shells picked from english beaches during our travels, an old mocha wear pint mug from the beginning of last century, a battered toy 1960’s camper van, faded sepia  photographs of long dead relatives enjoying tea on a summer day, a tiny beautiful blue leather-bound book, a  bubble-glass bell from the 1930’s and a Hornsea pottery owl from the 70’s. We imagine our cupboard to be lined with faded 1950’s Festival of Britain wall paper and smelling faintly of musty books and Mitcham lavender.

So the search goes on and we will find some thing in the end and then we will say ‘Im so glad we didn’t buy that cupboard in Dorset as this one is so, so much better’!

We will tell you when we say that, promise!

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. You are smart to wait, the country you live in is chalk-a-block full of great antiques. If I walk away from something I adore, it will be gone the next time and then I usually hate that I didn’t buy it. Do let us in on your perfect find.

    • We couldn’t decide if the top part was genuine or had been added later to inflate the price of an ordinary cupboard and then we couldn’t decide if we actually liked it or if it was too fussy, and then we looked at the price and……………my view is that if you dither and are unsure then its best to leave, even if there are pangs of regret afterwards! The right cupboard will find us, when we are not looking for it and we will let everyone know when its full of treasures in TheBigForest hut!

  2. I tend to obsess about “the ones that got away,” too. I hope you find the dream cabinet!

  3. ann perrin

    Know how you feel, the one thing I wanted when my mum died was a much much smaller and simpler wall cupboard that had all she treasured in it… several tiny ceramics she made herself of characters from Alice in Wonderland, two little antique chairs decorated with shells, a bunch of tiny keys on piece of black tape, a small greeting card etc. etc. Has place of honour on my wall right now.x

    • We love ‘treasures’ and their stories (the actual stories and ones you can make up with the item as the inspiration), particularly when then belonged to parents, relatives or old friends. Love the sound of the chairs and the Alice in Wonderland ceramics….

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