Christmas expectations

Several people have said to us this week ‘we will be having a quiet Christmas this year’ as though it is all rather sad. But if a quiet Christmas is what you want to do and it’s enjoyable then who is to say Christmases need to be hectic?  I’ve had more ‘odd’ Christmases than ‘normal’ – working in a kids home, and an old peoples home too,  Paris strolling through ethnic markets on Christmas day, a Christmas alone due to a broken down car (loved it but had to pretend it was terrible!), a Christmas Day when I was a child travelling up to Yorkshire in the car because suddenly my Dad had a Christmas Eve work deadline, oh, the one in Villard-de-Lans overlooking the Alps – that was quite magical and several wonderful ones in Lewes in front of a roaring fire…

We are having a quiet Chrismas this year, and owning it  like a boss. TheBigForestBlog5FINALThe illustration is just a quick sketch we made of the forest in the mist, with tweed underfoot and the woodburner smoking away in the cottage. We don’t pretend it works but it gave us lots of ideas to develop and we thought you might like to see it.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. My Xmas will be devoid of presents this year, everyone’s been so super busy no one’s had the time for them! So we’re doing like the Spanish do and having presents *after* the 25th (the Spanish share theirs on the 6th of Jan). It’ll be fun to concentrate on good food, a good book and some cuddles with the cats for a change 🙂

    Have a Happy Christmas! x

    • As we say in the post, its good to make Christmas your own and not get wrapped up in others expectations. Good food and a good book sound pretty wonderful (and cat cuddles too)! One more Christmas post on the blog to come but we will send very best wishes for Christmas to you and E now!

  2. You’ve had some really varied Christmas times. Love the illustration too. Have a good one!

  3. yes, quiet Christmas over here as well, and looking foreward to it, as the past year was rather exhausting and as we are a small familiy it will be no real “protocol” but only great great food (turkey I think, my dad is the best cook for “the big fancy stuff”, my mum is great with baking), a bit of selfmade music (dad trumpet, mum piano, me guitar…but better seperately to avoid fights;-) ) , enjoying the presents, a bit of sculpting and sketching, sleeping, more great food, long walks in fresh cold air, relaxing. Thats about it. I wish you all a wonderful time!!

  4. I think a quiet Christmas is a perfect Christmas. Enjoy yours!

  5. ann perrin

    ‘Quiet; may be a euphemism for ‘no one has invited us’ happens round here! You know what I think about it all. My post about ‘how to survive on your own’ got re-blogged by people I don’t even know!
    Still think it is often an over rated pastime with unrealistic expectations but there speaks the voice of ‘war baby’. Just watched Christmas 1944 on TV – Brilliantx

  6. Quiet as in not having to hear others in the cubicles next to you…in that case mine will be quiet as well.

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