Christmas shopping at Persephone Books

Persephone booksI’d been assigned to buy my own Christmas present. Most of our presents will be handmade except for some interesting books and so I pootled along to Persephone Books in Lambs Conduit Street, London. They re-publish forgotten books mainly by women authors and frankly its a delightful place. A must for a tourist itinerary of London and a lovely shop to browse. If you want to waste an hour in an interesting virtual space then visit their website here and join their mailing list too.

There was some sort of Christmas party in the back office and time slipped for a moment. It was the mid 1930’s.

“Do have a delicious Christmas, darling”, someone said.

A voice extolled the racy delights of Madera wine.

Across a pile of books a couple discussed a Christmas meal of pheasant to be cooked on the Aga.

“Suffolk is so delightful”, said a man with a crisp upper class accent.

I bought my  book and scurried away.

Later, no doubt these delightful ladies and gentlemen will drive away in an Austin Seven  or Jowett car tapping their toes to Victor Silvester on the wireless.

I felt somehow refreshed. What a wonderful bookshop.

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  1. Sounds like a delicious scene from a yummy Hugh Grant movie. He leaves the bookstore and arrives at Bridget’s door with a nice Chardonnay and a new diary for 2014. Which she’ll eagerly fills with the silliness that is, life. 😀 How nice that you still have unique little neighbourhood book shops. Many, if not all, of ours disappeared at the arrival of the warehouse style book stores. Now they are on the way out too, there used to be one on every corner. Sad really.

    • So many independent books shops went a few years back…. but there are still a few around who offer either totally unique products (like Persephone) or service. One of our favourites is Bags of Books in the beautiful county town of Lewes – see a short film about them at . A book shop in an small ancient building (built 1577 apparently) selling only kids books – magic!

      Yes Persephone books was very much ‘movie Britain’!

  2. Books and Time Travel… what a delightful combination!

  3. oh that really sounds fantastic, I sure will go there next time I am in London! Thank you for that interesting and fun to read post.

  4. Lovely! I have fallen so behind on reading other’s blogs, I’ve just skimmed a months worth of yours! Hope you have a good, quiet Christmas.

    • It now looks like a noisy Christmas Eve and Boxing Day with a quiet Christmas Day in between which will be lovely. So looking forward to it. You have a good Christmas too.

  5. This was lots of fun to read! I read all kinds of British murder mysteries so I can just imagine the tone of the overheard conversations!

  6. lundygirl

    For some reason although i love colour I like their restrained book covers/jackets. The persephone post is fab. Always bought on line but will have to go to the shop one day.

  7. deedeemallon

    nice description! I especially like the verb “pootled”. is that a real English word?

  8. ann perrin

    Love it!

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