In an English Country Churchyard

ChurchYard1TheBigForestAfter two days of sun, yesterday was misty with fine rain but warm. We pootled out in the camper van to Southease a village a short distance from Brighton. Southease is no more than a few cottages and a church. The photographs don’t really show the shifting light, the soft rain turning to brightness, the clouds across the crest of the Sussex Downs.

Southease church has a Norman window, a 14th century door, a 16th century porch, an Elizabethan altar table, Jacobean rail, pulpit and pews. In the rare (for this part of Britain) circular tower one of the bells is dated 1280. There are remains of 13th century wall paintings, the organ was built in 1790 and the stained glass was designed and made by Margaret Thomas in 1990.

It’s calming to be surrounded by so much history and in a peace where the birds tweeting sounds loud. It was perfect and recognised as such in the moment not days or years later.

Benjamin bought a post card, I took photos and my Mum just looked up at the ancient roof, the wall paintings and the flowers.

As we drove away the sun broke through the clouds, making bluebells and cherry blossom, heavy with rain drops, sing against the whitening clouds.

Home, to a cup of tea and cake which is the perfect children’s story book ending to any adventure.


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  2. It’s so wonderful that one small spot encompasses so many years and so much history and beauty. It really does sound like a perfect outing!

    • Yes it was. There was no big fuss about the history which is what made it particularly special. One needed to read a history of the church to discover the layering. It is in use today and new artifacts are still being added rather than the church being a ‘heritage’ site.

  3. Susan Bruce

    Almost there with you ! Family gone home , rushing around putting house straight and it would have been much more sensible to have gone for a quiet potter ,far away from the maddening crowds .Blue bells not quite out in these northern climes .

  4. ann perrin

    Heartwarmng post that’s what life should really be about!

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