Open Studios: The Old Mod at the Seaside

Here is the first post launching our new work ready for our open studio. We will also be selling old favourites for grown-ups like our felt woodsman and dog brooches, personalised dog sculptures, construction greetings cards and also some great things for kids too at Creative Clerkenwell on the 15-18th May at Craft Central, London. Click here to find out all the details. And do come along we would LOVE to see you.

First up is one of our new tableau which explore stories of humour and nostalgia. This is ‘The Old Mod at the Seaside’.

ModBear2TheBigForestBlog copy

We have made young mods before but we saw some pictures of very cool older mods and we often see huddles of mature Mods rambling round Brighton reliving their youth. Wearing a natty porkpie hat with his trusty greyhound at his side (achy knees and scooters aren’t the greatest combination so he came down by train) the old Mod at the seaside has a record by The Who and a 60’s  Tamla single tucked under his paw. He has a kind of dizzy look which is what happens when you spend your youth ‘being out of your brain on the train’ (Ok, its a quote from Quadrophenia, which we have been listening to in the campervan, the album is so much better than the film).ModBear2TheBigForestBlog2

Our new work comes on a carefully finished reclaimed wood base with wood fretwork and illustration accessories and, of course, one of our beautiful hand-made wool felt animals designed and made by our own fair paws hands.

More of our new work will launched on the blog over the coming days. Check back, and be prepared to smile.



About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Humor and nostalgia–yes! This piece is wonderful–I love the little details!

  2. LOVE those two, great great work, would so much like to meet you at “Made in Clerkenwell” and buy everything you have at your studiospace , hope I can manage it somehow for the one in november 😉

  3. Loving the mod! The little details really make these creations of yours.

    And… has it been a year already? Please say the last Creative Clerkenwell was only a few months ago 😮

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