We have(n’t) the technology

As it is always the case with these things, failure of technology has crept up on us at the most inconvenient  time. Our main computer monitor has given up the ghost so no Photoshop, no blog posts, no new listings of stock or anything else for that matter. But coming very soon to TheBigForest near you:

  • Lots of lovely new work on Etsy and Not on the High Street (different stock hits the different sites)
  • The Puppet Challenge – we have finished our work for this exciting project with Peter Slight and Clive Hicks-Jenkins. See the results and hear the story.
  • Celebrating Worthing! Yes, we have decided it’s the best place after Brighton on the south coast. Find out why and all about our recent adventures.Kenneth Clark tiles 3.jpg

The image is of some Ken Clarke tiles from the 60’s from our visual research file. No Photoshop required and hopefully it’s not blurry. I really can’t see much in the gloom of this flickering computer monitor. Aggh!!


About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Hope technology comes back to your soon! Looking forward to seeing all the new things from TheBigForrest 🙂

    • Ah but you have already had a sneaky peak at some of the things at open studio! Loved the lollypop! Thank you. Will find its way to another blog post.

      • Some, but not all. I am a greedy fan and want to see all the things 🙂

        Can’t wait to read your thoughts on the Austrian lollipop!

  2. ann perrin

    whoops what a nuisance, always comes as such a shock when we realise how much we depend on it all and I’m am not even running any kind of business.
    Recently updated all my equipment ‘just in case’, loved Adobe 6.5 for film editing and now have to learn 12! Will I live long enough I ask myself…, but now I’m intent on my online puppet museum I just hope so x

    • All fixed. Or a ‘workaround’ as the IT guys call it. Im putting off going to a more recent version of Photoshop as I know it will slow me down so much. But it will have to be done. Online puppet museum sounds a fantastic idea.

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