Wales: Snakes!

We needed some ozone and a brisk walk. Aberystwyth early morning. It is a university town so there must be a lively life to be lived here but it’s well hidden from the casual day tripper. If there is a buzz in Aberystwyth then we didn’t find it. Maybe when the students are studying the town comes alive?

But the serpent seats along the prom are a thing of beauty. We do love Victorian whimsy and the serpent seats are worth the trip to Aberystwyth. We sat on the hot wood, looked out to sea and watched the waves roll in, and in, and in.SerpentSeat2TheBigForestSerpentSeat1TheBigForest

After brunch in the campervan overlooking the sparking blue we pootled off in search of pine forests and waterfalls and streams.SerpentSeat3TheBigForest

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TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Ah, I was a student in Aber for a year and loved it (after a while). Fond memories of the dragon tail seat decorations and the sea, and the prom, and…lots of things!

  2. Russell Deasley

    We have loads of weird dragon tail sculptures up here in Caerphilly as well, around the Castle and town. Well I hope you enjoy it here, and if you ever need any suggestions on what to see let me know.

    • Brilliant, many thanks. We are great fans of Wales having worked down in Cardiff for a while, spent several holidays exploring Pembrokeshire in the campervan and now Snowdonia. Watch out for the post on dragons! 🙂

  3. Russell Deasley

    Those seats are Dragon Tails, like on the Welsh flag, you will probably see a lot more in your time here, dragons and tails everywhere.

    • Thanks for this Russell. They have the same seats (only one is left now I think) down in Porthcawl which is where I got the name from and the head is more snake-y than dragon-y but plenty of Welsh dragons to come 🙂

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