Other lives: Off grid

Recently, on a forum, we read about folks looking at on-line estate agents particulars and dreaming of owning impossible properties. We do this too. Most of the forum posts talked of huge houses but we dream of properties we could well afford but living a life we cannot quite grasp (yet!). Here’s one we have been dreaming about for months:

A secluded character cottage standing in approximately 6.75 acres of grounds in a most rural and idyllic setting. The property provides great potential for a self-sufficient lifestyle with ample space to grow your own produce and plenty of standing timber on the grounds. The accommodation briefly comprises; living room, study/snug, kitchen/breakfast room, garden room, bathroom, three first floor bedrooms and an attached outbuilding with great potential. The cottage is surrounded by a pretty garden with a wild flower meadow located to the front with a large part of the ground including woodland to the rear. The idyllic setting is greatly enhanced by streams which border two sides of the grounds and one includes a small water fall.

Services/Heating: Stream water. No electricity. Private drainage. Woodburner in living room.Cottage13 Main_edited-1Cottage4_edited-1Cottage6_edited-1Cottage2_edited-1Cottage11_edited-1

To think that in 2014 you can still buy an isolated property in crowded Great Britain with a stream water supply and no electricity for the price of a London garage. The bedroom looks like it slipped through time from the 1950’s. How perfect.

Today when I looked for the house on the internet to write this post it wasn’t there. It has been bought and so we are sad and glad in equal measure. We are sure someone will treat this beautiful cottage, this slice of the past, this idyllic retreat from modern life, with respect.

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  1. What a beautiful cottage! I’m intrigued by the idea of living off the grid and becoming more self-sufficient, but in reality I don’t think I could make the change.

    • Thinking about and managing all those things we take for granted (instant power, broadband etc) would be a real challenge. But then again it might be quite liberating…to pare back to basics.

  2. It does look wonderful! I suspect, though, that the fantasy is better than reality, in this case. I know people who have lived off the grid and it is a VERY big adjustment!

    • Yes my cousin did it up in the Yukon and it was an (exciting) challenge I understand. The cottage was all about feeding fantasies not an immediate reality. Running an on line business off grid? Emails by carrier pigeon? Mmm, it aint gonna happen! 🙂

  3. That’s such a beautiful place, I especially love that front gate. I think quite a lot of the old ramblers cottages around the UK never had electricity, this looks like it could easily have been one of them. Gorgeous!

    • Places like this certainly feed our creativity here at TheBigForest. We love the stories and possibilities. The gate is great. Not a bog-standard commercial gate but crafted.

  4. I understand your feelings, i.e. being sad and glad at the same time, after finding out that it’s gone. You need to be pretty serious about buying a house, as it will need lots of attention. So if you’re not planning to move in for good, you’d need to spend your weekends and holidays there making sure it doesn’t fall apart.

    I must admit living somewhere far away from civilization sounds nice, yet I’m not sure how long I’d survive without electricity… I guess it would be nice to spend a few summer months like this, so I’d say “yes” to a cottage that could become my summer home.

    Well, I hope you’ll find another dream property that will grab your attention, that you’ll fall in love with and probably that will make you buy it straight away! K.

    • Its very much a fantasy ‘other life’. We wont be buying an isolated cottage anytime soon. It’s interesting to suddenly realise how dependent we are on electricity however. During our recent visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology (another post some time) we saw how people had electricity through solar/wind/water power AND had gone ‘off grid’ which is a more practical solution. Ha!

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