Making Bears: For grown-ups and kids!

TheBigForestCuteFeltBearsCoverOur book is out today in the UK* and from September in the US! Here is the blub…

A collection of cool crafted bears and bear-related projects from the creators at TheBigForest, a growing independent design brand.

In the first half of the book five stylized versions of real bears, including a brown bear and a panda, pal up with five imaginary bear figures that are themed around different occasions and activities around the year—a romantic bear for Valentine’s day, a vampire bear for Halloween, a Christmas Santa, and a vacation surfer. The second half of the book brings bear motifs to a range of stylish sewing projects—appliqued onto or crafted into pillows, tote bags, jewelry, and other gifts and accessories. Each project provides detailed step-by-step instructions and templates, and lots of ways to customize the design.

• Contemporary designs in fashionable felt, based around one of the world’s most popular animals
• Simple-to-sew projects with detailed instructions that are easy enough for beginners and even kids to follow (one of the writers is a trained educator)
• Includes fun stories woven around the imaginary bears and fascinating facts about the real bears featured

Published by Fil Rouge in the UK and Barrons Educational in the US this has been an interesting and exciting side-project to TheBigForest and we know you will be delighted with the book! Like everything we do its been a 100% Benjamin and Michael creative collaboration.

In the US it’s availbile here from 1st September 2014

The Netherlands its available here from 1st September 2014

In the UK its available at Amazon and good bookshops near you (they can order through Search Press) from the 4th August

In Estonia you can buy it here.  We are big in Estonia I’ll have you know!

Or we will be selling signed copies through our Etsy shop shortly!

There will also be Christmas kits linked  to the book! More news on that as it happens!

* Update – apparently there has been shipping problems to the warehouse so it looks like its ‘out of stock’ on some websites. It will be ‘in stock’ by late August in the UK and late September in the US.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Congratulations! I bet it feels good to have your own bear book? Well done, guys!

  2. Woohoo, well done! I bet it’s going to be a huge success 😀

  3. Great news on the book; it looks fab.

  4. How neat! It must be so exciting to see your hard work and creativity pay off!

    • Yes it is! To be honest when the publisher approached us we had no idea quite how much work it would be designing, making and writing – and running TheBigForest at the same time. But its done now and we are delighted with the finished book

  5. How wonderful for you. Congratulations!

  6. congratulations! It looks fantastic. The perfect Christmas-present 😉

  7. lundygirl

    This is almost unbearably exciting! (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Congratulations.

  8. Amazing!!! How exciting guys, this looks fantastic! Well done x

  9. Bother. Now I have two bear related books to save for, yours and Jackie Morris’ book. I like bears.

    • A strange connection. In my mispent youth I drank in a pub called the Hat and Feather in Walcot Street Bath. An odd place with a 1930’s dentists chair in the middle of the floor and a hippy vibe even in the 80’s. I was doing a web search about 6 months ago to find some pictures of the pub in its heyday and there was a post from Jackie Morris (who I must admit I hadn’t heard of) saying that the old owner of the Hat and Feather was selling some of her work from the 70’s(?). I hadnt seen her bear book and it looks wonderful.

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