Get crafting: bear brooch kits

Today we launched the first of TheBigForest crafting kits. Great for creative older kids and silly grown-ups the kit includes everything you need to make a super bear brooch with a big snout and glasses -just your average bear really! BlogTheBigForestKits3

We dislike kits that demand you add lots of stuff before you can make the article so we have included everything you need from stuffing, to a needle and thread, felt (colours vary), instructions and pattern pieces too. If you have some super sharp scissors and plenty of laughter then you are good to go.BlogTheBigForestKits1

These kits  make a great Birthday or Christmas gift . They work well for kids of 12 and above or slightly younger ones if Mum or Dad is prepared to help. And they make a great gift for a grown-up too.BlogTheBigForestKits2

More kits – including a knitting one – will be in our shop soon so keep your eyes peeled. Look in our Not On The High Street shop if you are in the UK or our Etsy shop for UK and US readers.  Just search for TheBigForest on either site and you will be sure to find us.

Ready, steady…..go get crafting!

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


    • Why thank you! To be honest as two guys who make and design we were always a bit iffy about ‘cute’. The title of our book was changed to Cute Felt Bears by the Amercian publisher and we were ‘what, no, aghhh’! But we have decided to embrace it. If we make cute stuff then thats great! And to be honest no one is going to call either of us ‘cute’ so its all good ! 🙂

  1. This would be adorable for my 4-H classes. I am not a great
    hand-sewer but I think kids would love these.

    • Excellent! As Brits I had to look up what 4-H was on the internet and it sounds interesting. Anything that gets kids making is good – especially boys as our love of making stuff in fabric came from kits…. and crafting books too.

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