Quince, apple and a good read

Quince and Apple TheBigForestQuince are only available for a short season and are often hard to find so we were delighted to see a small basket of the fruit on the market stall. Peeled, sliced thinly and stewed with apple they add a slightly exotic taste which is hard to place but adds a depth of flavour – particularly to an apple and quince crumble.

We have been reading two books about living a more unhurried life closer to nature

Deep Country – Five Years in the Welsh Hills by Neil Ansell. Publisher: Penguin

Woodsman – Living in a Wood in the 21st Century by Ben Law. Publisher: William Collins

Both chart a journey of exploration  – a reconnection with nature and the rhythm of the natural world. For me Law’s book is a more satisfying read. There was so much I wanted to know about Ansell’s adventure but his focus is on  birds and whilst this is of interest I needed more about what he ate and cooked, about his walks and his thoughts during his five years living in the Welsh hills, alone without transport and a phone. That said, both are excellent and comforting reads now the nights are drawing in and our focus changes from evenings in the garden or woods to being in front of the fire.

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  1. I do not mind that at all, a litle deversity;0) And it nice to see what other people get inspired by too. I often use my blog to tell Important Nothings (= useful expression from Jane Austen) But I do love looking at your beautiful work too!

  2. Interesting, I’ve never heard of this before.

    • I had a quick look on the internet and found an article from the NYT in 2012. It notes that whilst a quince tree was a common feature in gardens in the US up until the 1920s it fell out of favour and now they are scarce except in heritage gardens. It also says that in Europe the quince is still considered a delicacy.

  3. Lucky you, finding quinces. i love the jelly too. never found them in the States though…so far that is;0) Thanks for the reading tips! Johanna

    • Im always fascinated when Im in the states by those maps showing what plants will grow where. Maybe you are not in a quince zone 😦 Quince jelly is lovely. Perhaps that is what I need to do with the other two quinces that are sitting on the kitchen table. More reading tips soon Im sure. We love books that cheer you up. I admire folks with blogs on one topic but ours goes whever our creativity takes us at that moment. For better or worse. Ha!

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