Where in the world?

Where in the world 2 TheBigForestWe were clearing out the loft when we came across three large, old poster photographs left by the previous owner. But where in the world are the locations?  We only have three possible clues, all of which might be red herrings. The previous owner lived in Berlin before World War 2 so there may possibly a German connection. He was a famous collector and dealer of ancient artifacts. The sign on the building beside the river reads Jaeger & Nirow (not sure about the ‘and’ sign).

This is your moment to turn in to Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot. We are intrigued and need your help!Where in the world 3 TheBigForestWhere in the world 1 TheBigForestWhere in the world 4 TheBigForest


Well thanks to input from our trusty blogger friends we are much further forward with this (see comments below). The view is definitely the Schleusenbruke in Hamburg. The tall pillar would appear to be The Ehrenmal (cenotaph) fronting on to Rathausmarkt and the arch on the left the Alsterarkaden – Alster Arcades. My Mum, who has German and has also visited Hamburg  will no doubt come up with a bit more context from the web about the history of architecture in Hamburg.schleusenbrucke

The site of the photograph today – taken from Wikipedia

But what about the artist of these sculptures?  It would appear that the statue is atop the Ehrenmal but in photos from the 1930’s the pillar appears to be a different shape and no photographs show anything on top. Is this the first known example of a photoshopped image? (Joke, in case you think we have totally lost the plot).AK-Hamburg-Adolf-Hitler-Platz-Luftaufnahme

A pre-war postcard – around 1935. The pillar and bridge are bottom right.

We have been looking at artists work  and we have a few leads – watch this space.

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  1. ….another thing – I do believe that there is / was no statue ontop the Ehrenmal and this Monument with the statue is not the Ehrenmal in Hamburg… although I agree the architecture is very hanseatic. As I live in another hanseatic city quite near Hamburg I really am curious if I can find out more. So far I could not find this statue-monument in the web ( Hamburg-Websites that inform about the city´s monuments…)
    …..I´ll be in touch, Mr. Stringer 😉

  2. I find this “quest” still really interesting – the „Ehrenmal“ at Hamburg´s city hall marketplace was built by architect K. Hoffmann in collaboration with sculptor & painter Ernst Barlach, it is known as “Ernst-Barlach-Stele” and was finished in 1931. The relief / carving at one side of the monument was done by Barlach and is called “Mourning mother with child”. This is the link from where I got this information: http://www.hamburg.de/sehenswuerdigkeiten/3091888/ehrenmal/
    … although I am not sure if there is a sensible translation tool German-English – if there is, I haven´t found it so far ;-).

    • My Mum is a German speaker and helped us with the research – we have got further but I need time to bring it together in to a sensible narrative and there have been so many orders post Christmas too – including one from a certain person called Cris in Germany 😉

      • ha, yes, that is true, I can hardly wait to meet my personal Sea Captain 😉 And I am really interested in where the statue-quest will lead, I sure will watch this space.
        Hope you have an excellent week.

  3. It seems I would have guessed the 1st one, but you already know it’s Hamburg 🙂 K.

  4. I hope you’ll come back, later, and update this post with your findings!

    • Will do. Ive updated the main post and will continue to do that. Now the location is clear Im sure the sculptor will be found. All leads are initially exciting but then go dry. It was a particularly difficult time – sadly so much art destroyed for various reasons.

  5. Intriguing indeed ! I feel like I recognise the style of horse in the second photo but my knowledge stops there. I look forward to hearing more from the Marples / Poirots out there.

  6. Ha, some result from world wide nerdy compueter fellows. The store was located in hamburg Germany but that was completely bombared in WWII this the link to how it looks now https://www.google.com/maps/@53.55071,9.98962,3a,65.4y,40.24h,74.61t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sFnJnvoTH–43r1Mee3s9NA!2e0
    It would be nice to try to indentify the artist of the three different statues…that seems to connect the photos

    • Being somewhere on the nerd spectrum ourselves we are delighted these fine fellows have come up with the goods! Brilliant. See the post for an update. Next mystery to solve is ‘who is the artist’. We have some leads…

      • Be still my heart…I really would like to know about the artist. The sculptures are really unusual. The Nerd fellows and company are pleased to have been of service…you have helped from Ohio, to Toronto, to Texas and to Switzerland and Germany…it is really a small world;0) Have a great weekend!

  7. well I like a challenge like this! So far no luck though. First I thought Venice but no…Than I thought Scandinavia because of the style of the statues…so far no. The statue on the third pictures is a man on top of a monster holding possibly a bible, so I thought St. Patrick of course…Ireland…but no. I have challenged my nerdy computer sons and fellow students now. Gosh..we are loosing sleep over this, totally obsessed!

    • Yes we started off with Scaninavia but the Jaeger and Nirow seemed German and the connection with the previous (deceased) owner of our house pointed to Germany too. We were contacted by a Jewish archive that held his family papers shortly after we bought the house and we sent them an email to say he had died and we had no idea of his sons address in Berlin.

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