The Great Interior Design Challenge and a moment with David Hicks

Resturant David Hicks TheBigForest BlogWe love The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2, an opportunity for amateur designers to work with their first client in buildings of architectural interest. Deco flats, 1920’s beach huts, medieval houses and eco live work units are the blank canvas for sometimes innovative and occasionally unworkable interior makeovers. Unlike so many interior design programmes the GIDC (as they call it in the hashtag) aims for legitimacy and is judged by the President of the British Institute of Interior Design and an interior stylist from Brighton called Sophie. It is presented by the Architectural Historian Tom Dyckhoff who educates the audience in a dry, knowing, yet humorous style.

This week an untrained designer called Jack Hoe from Hull, the youngest participant in the series, took a rock to some wood to age and distress it and had to work with a client’s brief which asked for Deco, Celtic and some yin and yang. Surprisingly he pulled it off and won a place in the next round!Cover David Hicks TheBigForest Blog

All this interior design malarkey on the tele led us to our David Hicks 1960’s interior design books. Looking in the front cover I see we picked these up for a couple of pounds each but they now reach £30 in second-hand interior design bookshops. We love David Hicks design, especially the books which talk in certainties – how to avoid ‘appalling’ accessories and charts for colour schemes that create the perfect room – string walls, saffron yellow curtains, chocolate brown carpet, coral red sofa, white chairs, shocking pink cushions and scarlet flowers. Dining Room David Hicks TheBigForest BlogStair David Hicks TheBigForest Blog

We want to live in a David Hicks designed space, high up in a penthouse flat in 1960’s swinging London. Anyone want to arrange that for us?Living Room David Hicks TheBigForest Blog

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