Fresh Fish Cat

Fresh Fish Cat TheBigForest BlogThis chap appeared after our visit to the Fry Gallery. We blogged a few weeks ago about the gallery and the amazing surge of inspiration that came from our visit. ‘Fresh Fish Cat’ has a 1950’s modernist vibe and his wooden fretwork flag – which you can’t see clearly in the pictures has a 50’s inspired border and Festival of Britain-ish fish. We wanted him to look kind of wistful with big imploring eyes that said ‘pleeease buy my fish’ – we hope we have achieved  that. Do you like his Donegal tweed bag full of brightly coloured fish slung over his shoulder? He is standing on a section of the famous Brighton Pier that we finished in the workshop.

Fresh Fish Cat is one of the pieces we made for the Christmas selling show at the New Ashgate Gallery. It’s a show jam-packed with the very best high quality art and craft work in the UK and there are so many pieces which are ideal for presents. Wouldn’t it be lovely if ‘Fresh Fish Cat’ found his way in someones Christmas stocking?FreshFishCatCloseUpSmallTheBigForest

The New Ashgate must like our work as its featured in their Christmas brochure and the main image on their website too. Just goes to show that our idea to mock-up a Christmas image back in August paid off!

The gallery is in Farnham, Surrey – a beautiful Georgian market town with the by-line of Craft Town as it is home to the Craft Study Centre, The University of the Creative Arts (where yours truly studied when it was West Surrey College of Art and Design), Unravel – The Festival of Knitting and lots of other events and craft orientated organisations too.

They always say give a job to a busy person if you want to get it done and that is right. At the moment we are Artist/Makers in a blur of activity and yet we still found time over the weekend to cook a new bread recipe, make some Scottish oatcakes and do some heavy-duty cake baking. But more of that in the next post…

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Love the fish in the bag. Looks great.

  2. He’s wonderful–so much detail, and it all tells a great story!

  3. Fresh Fish Cat is a win! Wishing you the best of times creating (and not going mad) with the Christmas rush 🙂

  4. lundygirl

    He has a wistful look – and is just so well made – you are very clever!

  5. I love Fresh Fish Cat and yes the Donegal tweed bag is a great touch ! New Ashgate Gallery looks lush too. Good luck to you guys.

    • Thank you! 🙂 The curators have been going round art and craft events picking folks to exhibit and the work looks very high quality indeed. Fingers crossed for sales of course! Next task is our new work for Creative Clerkenwell in two weeks time. The run up to Christmas is always mad isn’t it.

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