Inspiration – a mid-century Christmas

TheBigForest Creative Entertaining Blog 007‘Creative Entertaining – a House and Gardens Companion’ dates from 1971 but it is essentially a book of the 1960’s, a manual for socialising that champions the complex over the informal and would strike cold fear in to the heart of any ‘70’s host or hostess.TheBigForest Creative Entertaining Blog 008

TheBigForest Creative Entertaining Blog 005TheBigForest Creative Entertaining Blog 004TheBigForest Creative Entertaining Blog 006The ideas are wild – a Rave Buffet – thoroughly impractical but written with authority. Christmas seems to flummox the authors and they stay traditional and safe. Well not entirely…..

One picture caption gives a truly memorable holiday season suggestion:

A painted Sicilian Donkey Cart is festooned, beribboned and waiting with mugs of hot cider for frost nipped carollers.

Oh that old Sicilian Donkey Cart we have hanging around and what about the stony cold cider when the carollers fail to arrive? The creativity comes from the imagined lives of the readers rather than the parties this book helps to plan.TheBigForest Creative Entertaining 002

But for inspiration we love the paper decorations in brights used as a backdrop for a Christmas drinks table. Just the right amount of mid-century ‘with-it’ pizazz!TheBigForest Creative Entertaining 001

Our favourite image from ‘Creative Entertaining’ is not of Christmas however but a summer picnic. The fantasy setting, the Indian parasols, the trippy balloons – we LOVE it!TheBigForest Creative Entertaining Blog 003

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  1. What a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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