Busting winter gloom

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We have lost count of the number of folks who have told us they are sad and out of sorts with Christmas over and winter winds whispering around their ears. We keep a pile of newspaper clippings which help us re-think situations. Here is one from many years ago that seemed to do the trick and deserves to be shared with a wider audience.

When you’re feeling down and stuck in a negative cycle of thoughts, feelings and actions, an important first step is to go out and do something new.

Cutting yourself off from friends and family is a natural response to feeling blue, but isolation just exacerbates the negativity. Doing something that’s out of your usual routine, however small – taking a brisk walk every day, talking to a friend or meeting people for coffee – could prove to be the turning point you need. Taking control of the situation you’re in by changing your behaviour gives a sense of empowerment and challenges any feeling of helplessness.

When you behave differently, others then respond to you differently and a cycle of sadness or negativity begins to be broken.

The photo comes from the Metro newspaper back in June. He looks like he is feeling a bit blue although his photo inspired us and we popped it in the ‘visual reference’ file.

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  1. Perfect advice ! I’m so glad the sun is shining today as catching a few winter rays definitely lifts the spirits. Big smiles from me to you…

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