Ten top tips to enjoy winter

Here are our top ten tips to not only survive but thrive in the chilly days of winter. We would love to hear your suggestions for winter happiness too.WoodBurningStoveBlog

1: Cook and bake delicious food – soups, stews, fruit crumble, bread…..

Winter is the time for comfort food. Forget the beach ready body and enjoy calorie rich foods that taste fantastic. Now is time to try out new recipes and enjoy a day of culinary experimentation when it is too cold or dark to venture outside. Few things are better than the smell and taste of freshly baked bread so why not get out the recipe books and make some dark rye rolls or crunchy seeded soda bread?

2: Be creative – pick up that knitting or learn a new skill

Knitting jumpers is fun but if you really can’t summon the patience why not knit a cushion cover? Quick to make, you can create a unique accessory using yarns and colours that suit your home. Ribs and texture work well and as you are knitting a tiny project you can try out unusual stitches, take your cue from the Victorian sampler. Or head over to YouTube and try something new, maybe a crafting skill you have always wanted to learn?

3: Light up the darkness with candles

We love candles placed along a window sill. The dark winter night frames the glowing flames and creates a beacon of light to welcome friends or family home. Tea lights floating in saucers of water look fantastic too.

4: Snuggle down in a luxurious bed

Winter is the perfect time of the year for an ‘early night’. Make your bedroom a warm haven with a snuggly down duvet, throws and cushions. Listen to some relaxing music and unwind (ps: this one won’t work if you have noisy young kids or teenagers who fill the house with loud music!)

5: Throw out some clutter

Sounds a strange one but getting round to tasks you have been putting off is good for the soul and gives a sense of achievement that lasts for days, even months. This not a full on spring clean but a simple short task – tidy just one drawer or a small cupboard and then reward yourself with a hot chocolate or a biscuit and a cuppa.

6: Plan your summer adventures

It’s fun to get out the maps and start planning your summer adventures. Even small local trips are exciting to plan – a trip to a historic house or the seaside, new walks, towns to explore or unfamiliar areas of your city. Write them down (or draw a map) in a notebook otherwise when summer comes you will forget all the plans and possibilities.

7: Get moving – go for a walk

City or countryside? It doesn’t matter; a winter walk – wrapped up against the winds and snow – is an invigorating and rejuvenating experience. With no leaves on the trees you see new vistas, hidden features and building. Even the structure of the countryside looks different in winter with the bare bones of the trees framed against a grey sky. Go early and you might even walk in the sun!

8: Read a picture book

Why should picture books just be for kids? Of course some of the best graphic novels are written for adults but sometimes the simplicity of kid’s tales with their stories of wonder where everything comes right in the end are just what is needed. Picture books really can heal frazzled nerves and restore your faith in humanity. Anything by Judith Kerr or Benedict Blathwayt does it for us – we love the half real half magical words they conjure-up.

9: Tell your family or friends a story

The art of storytelling is dying. Let’s revive it! For generations the winter was a time for storytelling, happy stories and ghost tales too! Look in to the fire flames and see the strange people there, now tell their story. Create new narratives around the things you got up to as a child or what about your family and relatives – who was great Uncle Roger? Tell a story (made up or real) why he always wore that yellow handkerchief in his jacket pocket!

10: Enjoy a proper afternoon tea

Set out a vintage afternoon tea in front of the fire. Homemade cakes, leaf tea in the teapot, crumpets and jam and toast and butter. Sunday afternoon tea is a real treat. Slip back in time and live for a moment in an Enid Blyton story book or invite some friends, use your imagination and make up a reason for celebration.

Tell us your tips and ideas to enjoy, not dread, the chilly winter.



Image is our current object of desire! Ha! a woodburning range, and comes from housetohome.co.uk



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  1. I love every suggestion–especially afternoon tea! It’s such a relaxed, delicious experience–perfect for a cold, rainy day.

    • There is something very relaxing about afternoon tea, isn’t there! Particularly at home. We have some great 1960’s china that is perfect for the occassion. I just need to find those paper doilies that my Aunts used when I was a kid. Not sure if they are still even made!

  2. Great list 🙂
    I enjoyed #7 yesterday in company with a four legged friend who is enthusiastic about snow 😉 , and I definetly agree to the comfort food (and all the other items you listed) and recommend a stew with lentils and sausage and potatoes and carrots to warm up after a lovely (snow-storm-)walk.

  3. I say ” Yay” to all…a very good list and I like that woodstove too;0)

  4. Great list! I would like to get crafting again but it’s proving difficult with a baby – I either don’t have time or I feel too tired!

    • Ah but the time will come when you can get back to crafting. There are times when there is just too much to do but the urge (and the skill) to craft never go away. 🙂

  5. Love this list – all the sorts of things i like to do at this time of year!

    • Oh, that is so nice to hear. I must remember to do a Spring and Summer list too. We are definitely making the most of each season. No moaning its too cold, wet, hot, dry etc….Well that’s the plan anyway!

  6. I’m very glad to find out I’m actually doing most of this, including baking my own bread. Now to find a picture book, and wonder why I don’t have that wood burning thing in my flat.

    • Good to hear ! 🙂 When we get our cottage in the woods ( Ha!) it will definitely have one of those wood burning stoves – they look so toasty warm and homely too.

  7. This is perfect to kill the winter chill.

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