Cue the dancing snails

Yes I know we have been rather silent here at TheBigForest. Its simply a case of priorities. Much as we love you out there in blog-land when faced with a choice – a firm deadline and the potential of being studio-less or blogging there really isn’t a contest. Blogging slides down the to-do list and renovation and redecoration wins every time.

So at the moment there is a backlog of blog photos on my phone and sometime in December we will re-live together late August through to Christmas. The blog will be one huge throwback Thursday! We can go together to Virgina Woolf’s house and learn decorating tips from the Bloomsbury Group, read strange maps, pick apples from a tree planted in the 1930’s, find scraps of Edwardian wall paper and a newspaper cutting (which has a very interesting story) under the floorboards as we renovate our new house and so much more besides.

But what about today’s image? We were researching fonts or typefaces when we came across this theatre bill from the 1840’s which we love. We are fierce and vocal fans of ‘silly’ and this really is very, very silly. Dancing snails, untrained wasps. We love it!

Benjamin dashes in…..with some elf bells………….we are creating our own safe space peopled by the animals of the forest, battening down the hatches and retreating from the real world which too distressing to even think about.

Right! Enough!

All I can promise is a blog post when we can manage it and everything will be back to normal by January. Mainly because we are determined to make it so.

Playbill 1840s



About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. I love your sillyness and always will 😉
    Yes you keep on focussing on what´s most important, these times are busy and one really has to see to it not to drown in all there is to do – which usually is too much to accomplish anyway. I am looking foreward to whatever popps up in this space here in any way .

  2. Life happens! Will be glad to get caught up!

  3. sam

    DUNGO the scarab beetle hahaha love him! Good luck with all the jobs, the Christmas prep and the new year ❤ I cant wait to see Virginia Woolf's house, the wallpaper scraps, but am less keen on the untrained wasps, I hope they are nothing to do with the apple tree 🙂 Thank you for offering a ray of sunshine on this scary, desperate day xx

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