Brighton: The Community Garden

Whilst exploring the new neighbourhood we found the community garden and seeing the shoots forcing their way through the soil and the first signs of Spring gave us a lot of pleasure. The sign says the garden was formed in 2013 and there is a twitter too @StanfordCommGdn which we will follow once Ive finished this post. Bringing the community together through growing seems such a good idea and if there is food involved then so much the better. I will change my route to the station so I can keep an eye on developments and see what emerges from the plot.

We really need to get started on our own new garden. We have been drawing plans on the back of evelopes for what seems like months and whilst the house must take presidence making the garden will be fun. Along the sunny south facing side there are the remains of a 1930’s lean to greenhouse (just the wall and the lead flashing, no wood I’m afraid) and a narrow bed. In the middle is a patch of grass and at the end of the garden (facing west) there is a low deck hiding what seems to be a patio of 70’s tiles and possibly underneath the rubble of the old greenhouse.  An old apple tree by the house completes the garden. We are high up and can see the sea in the distance so wind and salt need to be taken in to account when we plan our small plot ( just 16 by 35 feet) but there is so much potential.

We have been looking at what the local firm calls ‘pretty sheds’. They are not actually pretty at all but have a sort of retro aesthetic and are exceptionally strongly built. What we would love is the kind of shed that we see in the back of shots on Garden’s World, all corrigated iron and funny reclaimed windows but whilst that is not going to happen there are other sheds that look the part. A garden outpost that can become the TheBigForest workshop and maybe just a tiny bit like the hut in Walden* is a very attractive idea.

But we have so many ideas! Time for a mug of tea and to spend Sunday with our noses in Royal Horticultural Society gardening books.

*Walden by Henry Thoreau. If you haven’t read it then you must dip in and explore.

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Thanks Debbie for commenting. We will definitely come along to the plant sale and happy to put up a poster on the house if thats helpful. We will pop along and say hello one Thursday too.

  2. Debbie Pryer


    I am one of the volunteers at Stanford and Cleveland Community Garden. Do pop along and see us if you are free. We have our work mornings on Thursdays 10-12pm.

    Glad you like the garden it has been such fun helping to transform a space which was once part of the road. I also enjoyed working on the mosaics in collaboratiion with Clare Rose a local artist.

    We are having a plant sale to raise funds on Friday 15th April 2-4pm, refreshments will also be available! Posters coming soon. Maybe you can find some plants for your new garden.

    Looking forward to meeting you,


    Debbie Pryer

  3. In spite of the fact we had a relatively mild winter, I am really looking forward to an early spring and this garden is making me wish it would hurry up!

  4. Lovely for you to be planning a new garden, so exciting and full of possibilities. I’ll look forward to seeing what emerges xx

  5. ann perrin

    Yup. love those gardens, there are two on our allotment on The Weald, people with all sorts of disabilities come and have a really good time! Garden and allotment people are always friendly!
    We inherited our garden, mainly grass when we moved here 7 years ago. Getting a shed and a tiny pond for frogs and newts were our only essentials after the rest sort of crept up on us!
    I grow veg in with flowers. can recommend globe artichokes (yum) and big bold foliage most ot the year! You’ll have loads of funx

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