New reading, new listening, new art

CityOfLondonTheBigForestWell I’ve lost the blog post I wrote and now I can’t find the image I selected. We all have days like these when life conspires against us and its best to head off to bed with a cup of tea and watch a gardening video on YouTube.

I’ve been ill, out of sorts ill, not ill-ill, if you understand my meaning. The winter dragged on and then suddenly it was spring and the world got a whole lot better.

Now we are in a flurry of creativity getting ready for Brighton open studio in May. Lots of new ideas and past the sketch stage too, but not completed. It will be fine. One of the new ventures is working with my electric fret saw, they are called scroll saws in the US but my tutor was very sniffy about the term. So I’ve learning to twist and turn with the thread-thin blade and its fun. I haven’t made any serious blunders so far and long may that continue. Ill post the result on the blog when they move beyond the ‘how embarrassing’ stage. I wont say too much but I’m not using the machine to create the type of work one usually sees produced by a scroll saw!

Reading, lots of reading and at the moment the book spread-eagled on my workspace is ‘How to Connect With Nature’ by Tristan Gooley. I bought it at Waterstones as something to read on the train and its good, makes you think, encourages trying something new. As regular readers will know we have a passion for learning here at TheBigForest and the book is stimulating new thoughts and different habits.

Talking of different habits I’ve been listening to Blackbear and also his new group Mansionz with Mike Posner. It’s listed at R&B/Soul on i-tunes which is about as far away from my musical taste as you can get. But I’ve learnt that once you slap a label on music you both create and alienate a possible audience. So I’m ignoring the arbitrary stamp of genre and just enjoying the mood the music creates. The maiden aunt in me really does wish he/they didn’t say f*ck so often however.

So back to the tea and YouTube gardening videos. My last top tip is check out ‘Huw’s nursery’ a 17 year old permaculture gardener from Wales who is knowledgeable, inspiring and passionate.  YouTube illuminates delights like this when one least expects it and suddenly winter has disappeared and life is suffused with sunshine and a warm fuzzy glow.

Image copyright TheBigForest 2017

About TheBigForest

TheBigForest. A silly artist maker creating in felt and paper construction. Like us on Facebook: TheBigForest. Find us at Twitter : twitter/TheBigForestuk


  1. Aw, soo nice to hear/read from you, hope you get into the right spring-mood soon. Over here we have the usual “spring-break” before Easter meaning the temperatures dropped dramatically and definetly suggest staying home with a cup of tea rather than taking a stroll through nature. How is your garden coming along?What are the inspirations from your online-source you´ll try out?

  2. ann perrin

    So jealous of the electric fret saw! I had a treadle one when it fell apart kept the wheel… Wow looking forward to more news of new ventures x

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